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Is there a way to use punctuations in the search bar of the Music Library? Like an apostrophe? ex: it’s, I’m, we’re, etc. every time I type the apostrophe my search result goes blank.

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You need to add which operating system you are using when you add a topic to make sure we give you the right answer ie IOS,Mac or windows etc. I’m assuming it’s IOS as this gives the most issues since apple changed it.

I solved this by going into settings, keyboard and then turning off ‘Smart Punctuation’

With smart punctuation on the single quote produces a slanted apostrophe and would not match songs

With smart punctuation off the single quote produces a straight apostrophe and matches the songs.

Everything worked fine until apple added the new feature. Luckily they left a way to turn it off.

Good luck

I’m using Apple iPad Pro 11” 2021 (3rd generation)

That solution would solve your problem then. :+1:

I didn’t get any solution for this problem :frowning_face:

SteNight posted a solution in this thread

Thanks Bill.

I actually sent Timeless a private message today to go through the issue again & it sorted it out for him :+1:


Welcome to the world of the programmer and the different character presentation by fonts.

You could easily see the problem (based on List of Unicode characters - Wikipedia)
U+0027 Apostrophe - Wikipedia
U+0060 ` Grave accent - Wikipedia
U+00B4 ´ Acute accent - Wikipedia
Then there are also these
U+2018 i.e , left quotation mark
U+2019 i.e. right quotation mark
U+201B drawn as Single high-9 quotation mark
U+2032 drawn as Prime

The problem is that it depends how the selected font designer have designed the characters i.e. the visual presentation of the “character”.

It might look to be ', but the stored “32/64 bit value” might reveal the actual character.

Then the problematic part fort the programmer is : does the search field contain U+0027. Should the search also include U+2018 and U+2019, which aren’t the same but usually drawn also as U+0027.
What about then U+201B and U+2032?

Thanks, Bill. @SteNight sent me a message. It helped me a lot.

Thank you again, bro . I really appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:

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