My iOS Djay app has been crashing consistently for the past couple of months

  • Device model: . iPad Pro 4th generation
  • Version of operating system: 17.4
  • Version of djay: 5.1.4
  • Hardware/controllers used: Pioneer DDJ 400

Summary of the issue:
I exclusively play from SoundCloud. Since January, this app randomly pauses the songs playing and reloads the song from what I can tell. The wave form sometimes changes or disappears entirely. I tried a free trial of Apple Music to see if it was a SoundCloud issue, but it crashed no matter where I’m streaming the music from. I tried updating my iPad and updating djay to their latest versions, but the issue still persists. When this crash happens, my DJ controller turns off for a second. When this happens, the app becomes unresponsive to all inputs (both touch inputs on my iPad and MIDI input from my controller). It happens when my iPad is plugged in, charging and when it’s unplugged and running on my iPad’s power.

How to reproduce the issue:

I just wait and it happens every time. I just updated to the latest iOS and encountered the same issue with the first song I loaded.

Is this happening when the DDJ-400 is connected? Did you try without the DDJ-400?

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Hi @L_LC, sorry to hear you’ve been having issues. To help me troubleshoot this with you, please provide some addition details.

  1. Is your iPad connected to power using the original Apple charger and cable? Is it charging normally and not overheating?
  2. How exactly are you connecting the DDJ-400 to your iPad? Please share photos of all cables, adapters, USB Hubs etc.
  3. Please perform a speed test of your internet connection and share a screenshot of the results.
  4. Are you using Automix or loading songs from SoundCloud and mixing them manually?
  5. Are you running any other applications while using djay?
  6. In the meantime, please refer to my personal list of tips for improving performance and stability when DJing on iOS: iOS Specific Advice / Tips

I haven’t tried closing other apps yet. But I’ll try again later today

Hmmm maybe. I’ll try to find someone to let me borrow another controller to test that

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Do you not know whether the DDJ-400 is connected? It’s a yes or no answer.

You don’t need another controller. Just disconnect the DDJ-400 (if the crashing happened when it was connected) and try again.

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Thanks for the additional details @L_LC. Sounds like you are doing most of the things that I would normally recommend. I suggest we do 3 things:

  1. Log out of SoundCloud within djay and the SoundCloud app on your iPad.
    a. Close both apps then perform a Forced Restart (Force restart iPad - Apple Support (CA))
    b. After restarting, launch djay and only log into SoundCloud within djay. Continue testing with your DDJ-400 connected.
  2. In parallel with #1 above, please submit an official support request through the djay app in Settings>Contact Support. This will allow the support team to view your crash reports in detail.
  3. If you’re still experiencing crashes after #1 above, as @PKtheDJ suggested, please do some testing with djay and no DJ hardware connected. If the crashing stops, then we’ll know the issue involves the hardware.