my ipad air 2 is not charging when using ddj-wego3

i got a ipad air 2 so bought a cable going from the usb slot into my ipad and the latter is not charging whilst using ddj-wego3.
Any recommendation on how to solve this please?
thanks so much

See here Does WeGo3 controller works with iPad pro/Air 2020 (usb-c) and new djay Pro AI?

Hi @chrisr,

Thanks for sharing your recent experience, sorry to see that you’ve been experiencing this behavior.

Please let us know if @PKtheDJ’s feedback helped, and if you need further assistance please @ reply myself.

Thank you so much!

@PKtheDJ thanks for your help
@NathanielAlgo so I understand that if i get a hub my ipad will charge, but will the music flow through from the ipad to the hub to the ddj-wego3 to the speakers?

Hi @chrisr, yes, the audio signal will pass through the powered hub to your controller.

@Slak_Jaw thanks for your response. any specific hub i need to look out for or just any usb hub will do? thanks again…

You’re welcome. Just make sure you get a high quality one from a reputable manufacturer like Baseus. Make sure it has Power Delivery pass through.

@Slak_Jaw hope you are well,
just got my hub and unfortunately it doesn’t work.
The loop: Ipad => hub => ddj wego3 doesn’t work. the link between the ipad and console through the hub doesn’t work…any recommendations?

Hi @chrisr,

  1. Disconnect all cables and adapters from your iPad and DJ controller.
  2. Close djay.
  3. Perform a Forced Restart of your iPad (Force restart iPad - Apple Support (CA))
  4. After restarting, connect your powered USB hub to your iPad and confirm there is a blue peripheral icon in the top right of your iPad screen.
  5. Connect your original Apple charger and cable to the USB hub and confirm that your iPad is charging.
  6. Connect your DJ controller to the USB hub using a high-quality USB cable (ideally with dual ferrites on either end).
  7. Confirm that your DJ controller powers up.
  8. Launch djay.
  9. Open the djay Settings>MIDI Devices and confirm that your controller is shown under MIDI DEVICES.
  10. If not, scroll down to the bottom and press Rescan for MIDI Devices.
  11. If this doesn’t work, unplug the USB cable from your DJ controller for a second then plug it back in.
  12. If this doesn’t work, try a different USB cable.

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