'My Library' custom tags or comments for streaming tracks

Djay Pro on Mac

My Library is great, especially considering tracks may be local or spread across several streaming services. The smart playlist feature is also great. However, without being able to save custom metadata for streaming tracks this feature is slightly hobbled.

I’d like to see a tags or comments editor (and the field name could honestly be whatever so it doesn’t conflict with existing ID3 tags) which saves such metadata to the local DJay database for both files and streaming tracks. Cues, loops, beat grids, BPM & Key are all already saved locally so this shouldn’t be a massive stretch.

I know this has been asked for before on the previous forums and I’ve made the point that this is a missing feature to support before now but I’d just like to make sure it’s not forgotten as I feel it would make dealing with large libraries of streaming tracks so much easier. If exposed within the smart playlist feature recalling tracks from a large library would become a breeze.

Yes so true.
The main problem for me is that as an all around dj I can’t fill out the genre, year, energy etc for songs which are from streaming services.

At least for me it would help a lot when creating smart playlists (or using quick filter) so that I could have “rock, metal, house, hip-hop” smart playlists


Thank you for your suggestion and welcome to the community!

We added your feedback and are happy that you are sharing it with us. Please feel free to vote up the topic in order to push the topic.

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