My list of topics that could need improvement

I recently bought myself a Mixon 4 (latest firmware) and iPad and hoped for a polished experience. Unfortunately there are some things that turned out to be constant issues for me and I’d would like to adress them, as I think there’s huge potential in this App. I tried to order them in importance:

1. FX Dry/Wet resetting to 100% wet on track load.
As a controller user I’d like to have an option for having the software to use my knobs position at all times and not being at full wet after each loading of a new track. As I usually want my effects to come in smoothly I always have to turn my dry/wet knobs a lil bit to set them to dry first before I can activate the effect. This is very annoying while mixing.

2. Track Preview in library implementation
In VirtualDJ I was able to hit preview, and then just scroll through the tracks to find my next track effortlessly. There was even the option to start in the middle of the track and each preview started instantly while scrolling through the list. This was so great and in comparison to this, even after mapping preview, and skip forward in preview to dedicated buttons on my controller it just is super cumbersome. Scroll, hit preview, skip forward for every track I want to preview. Instead of just scrolling trough the list. PLEASE give us that option. It makes track selection so much easier and more fun. Maybe even something innovative using the touchscreen like holding the album art to preview and dragging for song position. But as it is, I feel, its really lacking and a total buzzkill.

3. Auto-Gain
I would love to use Autogain, but if I want to adjust the gain with autogain enabled volume will jump when you start to move the gain knob. I tried enabling pick-up mode for the knobs, but it’s a horrible workaround as I have to blindly find the correct value to start changing the gain. Please implement a behavior that lets me adjust the analyzed autogain value without jumps and without turning the knob until volume actually starts adjusting. Just taking the relative motion should work but I wasn’t really able to set it up like that using the midi editor. Pls advice me here on how this is supposed to be used.

4. Waveform
I have some ideas there. Let us zoom out a bit more if we want to. Let us choice the “center” position which is in the middle now to be offset to the left, as I care much more about what is coming up than what has already passed. In VirtualDJ i set it between 1/4 and 1/3 of the screen width and I loved it
as I was able to see much further ahead.

Also I have issues to see the Bassline in the waveform of some tracks where a lot is going on. I think waveforms could improve. Also loading of the waveforms while skippign to the track could definitely be improved although that’s not bothering me too much.

5. No ratings in app
Please give us the possibility of a 5 star rating of tracks within the app or at least a like button so we don’t have to do everything with playlists. I think this should be basic and I’m wondering why it’s missing. Or a nice tagging system? Only having iTunes to prepare music/metadata is crazy.

6. Pitchlock defaults to off
Every session I have to manually turn on pitchlock on all the decks manually. There should be an option to let them default to on for the people that prefer mix like this. This is only a minor annoyance but it would be one less thing to think about.

7. Fader start is unreliable
Using shift and pulling up the fader is unreliable on my setup. It sometimes works and sometimes not and it is on all 4 decks and it doesn’t matter how fast or slow, gentle or rough I do it. I would love to have that fixed as its only working like once in 3 or 4 tries sometimes and it makes it unusable, as it makes you miss your entry point. I especially would lik to use it for the decks that are not active. Fader stop works flawlessly btw.

8. Duplicates in Playlists
As the library is a bit limited in functionality I’m using playlists for a lot of things. Doing that it would be great to not have duplicates added. Either just don’t add tracks that are already in a playlist or ask if there’s a conflict like Spotify does for example although I don’t really see the use cases for having the same track multiple times in a playlist.

9. Delete files directly
I would love to be able to delete tracks directly from the app to prune my library of tracks that are not worthy. At the moment I have to go to itunes or the file browser to delete tracks individually manually and that’s not great tbh. If there are no technical limitations on iOS regarding this.


I know this is a long list and it may sound like a lot but I think you are very close to having something somewhat fully featured and mobile with djay pro ai and I think some of those things could make the difference between enjoying or being frustrated to the point of just going back. I would love to see controllers doing what they are expected to do. This will be the future and I wanna stress that I love having this option!

I’m looking forward to any feedback. Also feel free to point out where I missed out on features or misunderstood concepts.


first up thank you for all your suggestions and feedback.
This is very valuable to us and we appreciate your effort.

I will go through your suggestions one by one.

  1. We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix for this one. Please stay tuned for the coming updates.
  2. This is a nice suggestion, you are right the process of quickly navigating to the next track is not that intuitive. I added your suggestion to our issue tracking system and we will keep you posted for this one.
  3. If I get you correct, an indicator in the user interface for the pick up mode would solve the issue, right?
  4. We are already gathering requests for further zoom out and I also added a new request to shift the center of the waveform, thank you for sharing these two waveform suggestions.
  5. On iOS we are at the moment limited to the metadata we can see by the Music app for local tracks which makes this request not possible at the moment.
  6. Default pitchlock is something on our list as well, we added your request to the topic and will let you know when there are news.
  7. We will test the behaviour especially with a Mixon 4, thank you for pointing this out.
  8. Thank you for this suggestion. As with the others, this is very nice feedback and was added to our tracking system.
  9. At the moment this is not possible as we are referencing to the track. We see that this could be helpful but on the other hand want to avoid to infer too much to other libraries.

All in all we are very happy that you shared your suggestions with us and just want to let you know that we will update the thread when there are news for your suggestion. Please feel free to keep on sharing your thoughts towards our software as our goal is to always improve :slight_smile:

Well, I’m very happy with your reply. It’s great my issues are heard and you are even already working on some of them. I was a bit worried about being ignored with posting such a list, so I was very glad to read your reply. I appreciate your efforts there.

About No. 3 I don’t really understand how an indicator would be the very helpful as I don’t really want to use pickup-mode. I just want to adjust the gain that was set by the autogain feature instantly and smoothly by turning the knob. Reducing gain by turning in counterclockwise and increasing it by turning it clockwise. That’s what I meant by relative.

And I had another thought on previewing. At the moment pressing the central scroll-encoder (Switch Library Table) does nothing when you’re already in the song list. Being able to use this contextually to start previewing and then being able to map the preview song position to a encoder (like shift+scroll encoder) would give a pretty smooth preview workflow. Then heaving the option to start previewing in the middle of the song and I’m super happy. If you care, skipping in tenths of the songs length felt good to get a feeling for the previewed song very quickly.

I’m looking forward to future updates and updates to this thread. Also another idea would be to be to show the changelog in the app after an update.

On the subject of ‘zoom improvements’:-
I would love to be able to instantly go to maximum zoom directly to the very first transient or cue point. Then I can shift the grid and then instantly reset to the previous zoom value.
Right now we have to:
click the dropdown next to the deck number, then tap, tap, tap the zoom to get maximum zoom value. Then click on the pencil tool, click on ‘grid’, then shift the grid accordingly and then finally restore the zoom setting (which doesn’t actually go back to your own previous zoom setting).
A single button or shortcut to zoom straight to the first beat would be amazing! If I have missed this feature then tell me how to do it in Djay AI please!!

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