Native support for Pioneer DDJ-SB

I recently got a Pioneer DDJ-SB and would love to be able to use djay without having to map the controls myself as it is quite complicated and time consuming. An update to make this possible would be awesome since Serato Intro does not work too well on a Mac. I also do not want to pay $120 for the full version which is more complicated and still does not look good on Mac or function smoothly like djay.

Native support is always better. I have tried midi mappings and they never work as well as if implemented by the developer.

I would LOVE if you send me this midi map please. you can send to thank you so much.

When are you going to do the Numark NV?

Warren, I know this post is old but I found this comment because I am experiencing the same problem. After configuring Djay to play sound out of the controller itself, it still doesn’t work (I tried 1-2 and 3-4, both don’t work). Meanwhile, sound comes out fine in Serato, so I know this must be a software issue.

Hi Brandon,

I changed your question into an “idea”. Thanks for your feedback.

djay for Mac already supports MIDI Out (under “Advanced”).

Hi Sam,

To configure your DDJ SB as sound output in djay for Mac, open “Preferences” from the “djay” menu and go to “Devices”. The usual setup is:

Main Output: DDJ SB ch 1-2
Pre-cueing: DDJ SB ch 3-4

If you have any specific questions regarding MIDI mapping, just let me know.

Interesting, can you use the DDJ SB as system output (e.g. to use with iTunes)?

You can set up the audio devices under djay > Preferences > Devices. The usual setup is:

* Main Output: “your audio device” ch 1-2
* Pre-cueing: “your audio device” ch 3-4

Hope this helps.

Would be great if Algoriddim would listen. Good luck on that request!

C’mon, mapping a controller with MIDI LEARN is not that hard. (Except for the Midi Feedback. That’s why DJay needs a Midi Out Learn Feature.)

Did you check the Audio-Midi-Setup app? (Just hit Option+Space and enter Audio in the Spotlight field) Please check there, what output option is set for your DDJ SB.

Estoy esperando esta actualización, ddj sb
Es urgente, porque demoran tanto en actualizar???

Para cuándo ?

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I would be very interested in this map. Please change it to an action

ME canse de esperar y ya hice el maping de este controlador para Djay jejejej espero pronto salga la version oficial, pero mientras todo bien las luces , algo de configuración al inicio pero todo funciona, ademas me gustaría saber si el Djay mezcla vídeos

tony, como hiciste el mapeo del sb en djay…te agradecere mucho si me pasas el tip.
mi correo:

Do you have the map? :slight_smile: