Neural Mix Crossfaders missing in DJayPro 5

Is the Neural Mix Crossfader no longer available in DJayPro 5? I have become quite comfortible with using the 4 stem faders to swap vocals, harmonics, and baselines with overlapping drums. I would hate to see this function go away. I tried to use the solo, mute, and volume sliders but it’s just not the same as using the crossfaders.


Glad you posted this as I can’t find how to activate them in version 5 !!! My mapping of my controller and MIDI devices alare alll messed up !!

Can anyone confirm these have been taken away?

It seems like dJay pro 5 removed neural mix crossfaders from iOS. I have my iPad running an older version of iPadOS because I use that device exclusively for gigs paired to the FLX4, and Im reluctant to update the iPadOS precisely for scenarios like this. I hate nasty surprises. It is unacceptable if the crossfaders have been removed. Even though I mapped the neural mix equalizers to the equalizer knobs on the FLX4, I’m toying with expanding to 4 stems crossfader function and mapping those to the pads. Sure, stem separation now blows the original neural engine out of the water, but if the crossfaders were removed in this update, that blows even harder

I was never able to map the 4 channel crossfader to my midi device because there was no option for it, Slakjaw confirmed this as well. You can map the 3 channel crossfader, but it’s just not the same.
I was hoping that Algoriddim would add the option to map the 4 channel neural crossfader in an update but instead they got rid of it.

Just mentioned this in another thread….

Gutting it’s gone….hopefully just for now.

Hopefully they haven’t removed the MIDI commands, at least there’s a glimmer of hope if I can still remap to the 3 stem setup.


Hello everyone. I have shared this with the dev team, but haven’t received a response yet. I looked every where myself and couldn’t find the old Neural Mix Crossfaders. I’ll report back here as soon as I hear something though…


At least the slide faders remain

It would be nice to add back the “Neural Mix swap” feature too, which was removed about a year ago :slight_smile: I think that was quite useful.

Please can you let us know even if it is making a comeback as it will mean remapping several midi devices… or will there be a way to revert back to v4 … surely you cant make a video in 2021 with the feature highlighted and then delete it with no explanation.

Agree that it sucks it’s gone, was going to subscribe but makes not point now… They should just allow users to buy whichever version they prefer for life.

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On my iPhone, I have Neural Mix (Vocal Sustain), Neural Mix (Harmonic Sustain), and Neural Mix (Drum Swap), but nothing on my iMac djay Pro. Unless it’s related to the A16 Bionic chip chipset on my iPhone. Idk, any ideas…

Oscar, this thread is about the missing Neural Mix Crossfaders. Not the same as the Crossfader FX you are asking about.

Neural Mix Crossfaders

Crossfader “Neural Mix” FX
The new Neural Mix FX work best on Apple Silicon because they take advantage of the built-in Neural Engine. Best performance is Bionic A13, M1 or better. Anything with an older CPU (including Intel Macs) will get reduced performance. If the computer is very old or too low-powered, the Neural Mix FX won’t be available at all in djay Pro.
Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 2.45.26 PM

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No silicon chip, No cake, buddy!
Even my 2019 intel mac don’t have that, AND the overall stems quality is at 80% only (sounds just like djay v4 stems) - no improvement

@Slak_Jaw or any Algoriddim Employee - Can you confirm with Dev team if Neural Mix Crossfaders are going to be making a come back ? And if possible when ? Just noticed 5.02 update and they are still missing. Many thanks

Hi there,

We’ve confirmed with our engineering team that the Neural Mix crossfader has been officially replaced in favor of the Crossfader Fusion FX as of the v5.0 update. In our testing, it was found that there was a convenience and ease of use factor with the new system as opposed to how Neural Mix and the crossfader were originally understood.

Regardless, we have made sure to catalog your feedback and will share it with our engineering team again for further review.


If as the most recent post on this topic from NathanielAlgo is correct and the neural mix crossfader has gone, that is bad news. This feature was DJay Pro’s standout USP! Not sure why the team behind the change decided to do undo their one big advantage over their competitors in this way …?!

I don’t have a controller and just use my MacBook for DJing and the 4 stem crossfader made mixing a breeze and a joy. It’s much less straightforward now.

I contacted support about this 5 days ago but have as yet had no response.

Have to say that the sound quality of the stems since the update has improved enormously however. Perhaps this might only be the case for those using apple silicon devices

I feel I’m going to have to rethink my approach to using DJay Pro unless the engineers can find a way of bring the 3 and 4 stem crossfader functionality back :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:


I can see Nathaniel’s point when using Crossfader Fusion FX opposed to the original Neural Mix crossfaders to simplify the ease of mixing.

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This is absolutely disastrous news!!

The new fusion fx crossfaders do not in any way replicate what was possible with the old NM ccrossfader system……

They allowed true mash ups to be created be swapping out the various parts of songs and introducing elements of others….

None of this is possible with the new downgraded system.

We don’t need the ‘updated’ method for its “ease of use”, and to “simplify” mixing…

If we wanted that, we’d opt for one of the many ‘beginner’ DJ apps, or something by Fisher-Price aimed at the early years market!!

We’re paying for a PRO version, and I personally want the PRO tools that we had….not some half baked idea forced on me because it’s ‘easier’….

Because a) it isn’t easier and b) in no way replicates the possibilities and functionality that the individual crossfaders provided.

All it provides is a major downgrade to what was a perfectly functional system.

Very unimpressed!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Thank you for your honesty and response. Very true this new Crossfader fusion FX is impressive and I have nothing but praise that Algoriddim often pushes the boundary on new innovation, however, I do feel giving the option to switch on features that have been removed would be preferable to deleting completely. I do feel Crossfader fusion Fx is a bit so-so in terms of usage for ‘Live’ djing … The Neural Mix Crossfaders allowed more granular mixing and a level of control that was quite impressive and created a ‘performance’ when mixing live. The crossfader fusion fx is less predictable and sounds more automated. Please keep innovating it’s the reason I use DJay but maybe let us have the choice to switch features on or off ourselves. P.S. I still request switching Neural mix crossfaders on or giving us the option.


Totally agree with your post … it was a standout USP for those who performed in their sets.

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