Neural Mix Crossfaders

Given that we now know that the Neural Mix Crossfaders have been killed off in favour of some gimmick on a crossfader, please vote below if you would like to see them reinstated.

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Donyou miss Neural Mix Crossfaders?
  • Bring them back
  • I’m fine without

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I think the best option would be to have a setting to be able to use it or not…


Agreed … shouldn’t be too hard to put them back in … most of the underlying code is there or even enable us to EQ neural mix on two decks at same time (link them). Mixing sounded WAY better with Neural Mix Crossfaders than the crossfader FX.

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I’ve just popped on a post on how to create your own NM Xfaders here.

Some of you may find it useful for now whilst we eagerly await the return of the proper versions….

I like it the way it is. With Mixon 8 mapping eq can be set to neural mix or eq, plus I have pads as well like serato with effect for each stem. I also use the cross fader fx. Option to have or not to have would be best.

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Thanks for creating this @sooteee. I have shared it with the dev team for consideration.

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