New Controller Configuration

I got a message today when starting Djay Pro AI that a new configuration is available for my controller. Is it documented somewhere what exactly is different now? Or is it just the colors of the cue points, as it was mentioned here before?

Hi @Chris_R,

So that I can better assist you could you please explain in greater detail what information you are looking for?

Additionally, may I ask what controller you are using?

At this time we do not provide additional documentation but I look forward to assisting you further upon your next reply!

I noticed it with the Hercules Inpulse 500 controller. I have reassigned quite a few knobs and buttons according to my needs, so that the question arose whether it is worth using the new mapping provided by you and reassign my individual assignment or whether the changes are only minor things such as the lighting of the cue buttons, so that I could save myself the extra work.