New iPad Pro 2021 M1 compatibility?

Obviously not released yet but are there any potential reasons Djay Pro AI will not work with the newly announced iPad Pro 2021 with M1 processor? I’m thinking of replacing my 2018 iPad Pro but want to hold off until compatibility is confirmed.



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And hopefully, implement some of the extra features that are available on the Mac as well….a 12.9” M1 screen isn’t that far from a 13” M1 screen……why not just give us the Mac version?
Saves them re-inventing the wheel!!


Yes yes, like the ability to name the cue points and saved loops. I fully agree give us the Mac version.


I mostly want the more dense display, like I posted about before (Give us a viewing mode made for controllers (like „Pro“ mode on macOS)) but I’d be very happy about getting renaming cues and the Neural Mix FX and all the other good stuff as well :blush: