New playlist management view

Current way of showing local playlists and playlists from streaming services aren’t very optimal.
You can see very limited amount of playlists and limited amount of songs on them.
Drag & drop songs from bottom to up is easy, but dragging and dropping a full playlists from bottom (tidal) to local playlist tree is too difficult to get it into correct place.

What I would like to see is “side by side” new “LIBRARY MANAGEMENT” view.


  • more playlist can be seen
  • more songs from each playlist can be seen
  • dragging and dropping (a song, songs, a playlist) from left to right is easier to get it to correct place

And of course filter / search tools for streamed and local playlist would be nice.

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Thank you for the nice suggestion.

It would be great if other users share their thoughts on allowing horizontal and vertical double library split.

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