New Rane controller (Rane FOUR?)

I know Algoriddim has a pretty good track record with In-Music brand controllers (Rane, Denon, Numark), I am hoping that Rane sent you one of the new controllers to test and map to DJay, I think the controller is what I have been waiting for to run with my iPad… Quality 4 channel controller support is what is missing from the iPad. The Prime 4 has been buggy in my usage.

The Prime 4 has been rock solid for me with Djay on iPad.

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Weird my prime 4 when mixing, if I have to nudge a track even speeding it up with the jog wheel, while adjusting the pitch fader, the pitch will always jump to -8 until I stop the jog and stop moving the pitch fader.
Also if I am scratching in a track, and it is a little off when I release, the jog wheel cannot be used to make pitch corrections until the jog wheel has stopped all movement for at least 1 second. 1 second is an eternity when a mix is off. I can do a video if needed.

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Hi @Stevie_Ray,

While I can’t talk about our future plans, I’ll be sure to put this on our developer’s radar for future consideration!

Additionally, in regard to your issues with your Prime 4, we kindly ask that you share a video for us to take a look at what can potentially be the problem!

I’m looking forward to hearing back from you and have a nice day!

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Now that the RANE 4 has launched it would be great to get support for it. I really don’t want to have to switch over to Serato! Will kill my workflow, but the RANE 4 looks like a great controller, so I have one ordered…. Shame Mixon couldn’t get their Pro 8 launched when they said they would….

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Oh and I’m specifically wanting iOS support. My iPad Pro has become the go to over my Mac Book Pro.

Hey @Stevie_Ray @Sax_Alien @Slak_Jaw ,

I am happy to let you know that our Dev Team will be working to provide full support for the Rane Four.

While I can’t share a timetable for this development, I will happily keep you updated on any news in regard to this matter as it comes in!


Does anyone know if the Rane four will get iPad support or if there is a way to currently use it with an iPad? I have an iPad Pro as my main device and really like this controller. Any info would be helpful, thanks!

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Hi @RetroMania,

Thanks for posting to the community for the first time!

I will be merging your community post into one that currently exists linked below about the same topic for better tracking of this request.

Have a nice day!

Please make Rane four a native device been waiting for a new controller to drop want to purchase but refuse to use anything but Dejay pro Ai or please develop a signature controller maybe Apple ios or os based software to capitalize on all your software without mapping and loosing functions of equipment that would be a game changer Love this software and I’ma loyal subscriber…


Hey @Alan_Bezzie ,

Thank you for your interest in the Rane 4 and its compatibility with djay!

Considering the controller’s popularity, we would like to be transparent about the fact that - although we have this on our radar - we cannot guarantee any specific time frame for the implementation of the requested native support.

You can rest assured, though, that any developments will be posted in this Community thread, so as to keep you all informed.

Thank you for your attention. Cheers!