New Reloop Mixtour Pro Hardware

New hardware from Reloop, designed in collaboration with Laidback Luke:


Just noticed this, pretty interesting for a ‘pocket’ controller. Price is around €500

That looks fantastic! They packed a lot into that small space! Just wow … !!! I’m impressed. Can’t wait to get my hands on this.


Agreed! More pro build, 24 bit soundcard and USB-C.

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The official case has enough space for a couple of iPhones … ha ha ha!

I’m glad they’re touting the new Cirrus Logic soundcard, will be interested to see how it sounds.


I only missing Tempo Fader and a bit of Pitchbend or something like that. But: cool Ideas at all.


“It features four rubberized buttons for each channel to control Play / Pause, Cue, and Sync respectively, while the signature “Laidback Loop” button independently offers instant looping (In/Out/Exit) with a single control."


Yeah, tempo faders would have been nice. You could stick the Mixtour Pro between two turntables and get those back :grin: I’ll probably use the Mixtour Pro with a Hercules Starlight to get back the jog wheels and tempo faders. Rig should still be ultra-compact.

Re: Pitch Bend
It does have a Pitch Bend feature (under the CUE/Play buttons)

Screenshot 2024-01-24 at 11.48.02 PM


Mojaxx says he’ll be doing a video on this from NAMM tomorrow…

That’s a big jump in price though. 100% increase!


Original Mixtour vs Mixtour Pro


tempo faders ? a pitch encoder it’s 10 times better

I’ll be getting two possibly three.

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Pro-level soundcard output on banana (RCA) pins?
I am not too hyped over it. Would’ve been, if it were XLR

It would’ve been nice if it unlocked djay pro fully, so that we called it a first algoriddim-exclusive hardware!

But alas! Can’t do my videos!


considering replacing it with a reloop ready? RCA should not be a problem if you are using an external mixer or does it.


I’m fine with RCA. The Mixtour Pro is designed to be plugged into Pro audio and club gear - not replace it; but I think a good argument can be made for 6.35mm (1/4") jacks.

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One of the 1st videos I could find on YouTube.

I’d like to get more details on the Crossfader Fusion integration. Will be interesting to see how it’s implemented.

Am actually confused about that crossfader fusion statement. I had believed that any djay-compatible mixer/controller would automatically support the crossfader fx if active.
This statement appears to say the contrary!

Ya, the mixtour pro could have done well with at least balanced TRS outputs, if XLRs were too big for the footprint!

It would have also had quite a market, if it supported serato too!

That would have been nice indeed.

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