New Rev 7 midi mapping

Happy to see the new update. I’m having an issue with it. Seems like deck 1 wants to control fader, Crossfader also shows the sound on the deck 1 side of mixer. I made sure the target are correct but no change. Is anyone else having this issue

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Hi, welcome to our community!

Are you using djay on Mac or iOS? In either case, please try going to the djay audio device settings and selecting Reset to Defaults. This will re-apply the default audio setup for the DDJ-REV7, which will hopefully fix the issue you’re seeing.

On macOS you can find the option by clicking the disclosure triangle in the lower left corner of the Devices settings.

Thanks, I will try it and let you know

I did restore to default but it still had the issue. So I got rid of the channel 1 and 2 mapping as line 1 and 2 volume in mixer target and it restored it to the proper working order. How do I map up fader so they correspond with the app when being moved?

Hi there,

Our dev team wanted me to reach out and ask you to try the REV7 once more with djay’s original (built-in) MIDI mapping to ensure that your modified mappings aren’t causing any adverse reactions between the software and hardware.

Additionally, the REV7 has received numerous fixes with the launch of djay’s latest update, v4.0.5. Please update djay at your own leisure.

Looking forward to hearing back from you. Have a nice day!


I just purchased the DDJ Rev 7 and tried using it with djay pro ai and does not work.

4.0.7 for djay pro
rev 7 firmware 1.02

the fader and other nobs do not work :frowning:

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I am having teh same poblem now on iPad on version 4.0.8. Crossfader and deck 1 and 2 and several other knobs are not working properly in the software.

Hi @NathanielAlgo,
Any update? Wasting subscription money.

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Hi @mg408 @Bongani @DJayPapo,

We released djay for iOS v4.0.9 with many REV7 mapping and hardware updates again as of recent.

Could you confirm whether or not there has been any change in behavior between the REV7 and djay since the last update?

@mg408 what iOS or macOS device are you using. What OS version is running on that hardware as of today?

@Bongani what iPad model are you using? Are you using the latest version of iOS (v16.0+)?

Looking forward to your answers!

Edit: I will be moving this community thread over to the DJ Hardware category for better community management.

Just tried 4.0.9 on IOS 16 and it’s still not working. Tried reset to defaults and deck 2 fader and the main crossfader don’t work as expected.

Only way is to manually set External mixer as pictured above.

iPad Pro 12.9

Hi @Bongani,

Thanks for the reply!

I’ve gone ahead and passed this along to our dev team for further review.

Please note, an update to djay (v4.0.10) is coming out very soon. If you could update the app when this new version is available and update this thread it would be incredible useful.


I am on macOS Monterey Version 12.6

djay pro ai version 4.0.9


I have now tried the latest Djay Pro on iPad with my Rev7 and still encounter some of the same problems.

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