NI Traktor X1 MK3

The X1 MK3 was announced today. Will we see Algoriddim integration with the oled displays?

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Let’s hope it’s class compliant and MIDI Mappable. Also the OLED screens on the Prime 4 work with djay Pro AI so there is hope there.


I used to have a MK2 version. Really liked it, but got rid of it because it lacked class compliance.

The specs don’t mention anything about class compliance. Didn’t see any iPads in the marketing videos either. DJ Controllers : Specifications | Traktor

I saw this video of Laidback Luke, he’s playing with a Reloop mixtour and Djay on his phone nowadays. He even had a shirt on with ‘Luke Team Reloop’, talking about his ‘dream setup’. I guess they are cooking up something. My hopes are on a new version of the Mixtour.


No OLED display support. But dawg I have my hands on the X1 MK3 today and it is everything I need to go along with the Mixtour. Just midi map to your liking. You can get full control over all FXs and dedicated controls for stems. The nobs works like a charm just like any loop nob. Overall I gained full control over all three FXs, FX1 selection, FXs on vocals only, 8 instant FX pads, 4 hot cues (I normally set 4 cues but the rest can be accessed via touch screen), two saved loops, loop/skip control and duration by nobs, Stem EQ, Stem filter for quick iso or mute vocal, nonetheless play/pause and cue buttons. You don’t need the X1 displays at all.

With the mixing channel from the Mixtour this is all I need to get on shows. LMK if you all want my djay midi map for the X1 MK3.

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Are you using it with Mac or with iPad?

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Ipad works on my phone too. Just airdrop the djay midi mapping from iPad to phone and import. Should work for mac too. The x1 is a hell of a effects controller

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Can you share your mapping?

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TRAKTOR X1 MK3.djayMidiMapping (22.1 KB)

Demo here

Thank you! You are a lifesaver.

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Anyone have a midi mapping for the Traktor Control X1 Mk3?

I’ve tried making my own but I’m getting lost in the sauce.

I made one for standalone use that tries to hue closer to the NI mapping if anyone finds it useful.
It won’t let me upload it yet, but I’ll check back when I can.

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I downloaded your mapping but I still can’t get it to light up and work.i must be missing something else

Algoriddim please native support this controller

And the X1 MK2 as well please!!
I created a mapping I can work with here, but it is definitely restricted:

I think the X1 is just made for Traktor Pro cause it does’t work with the Traktor Pro 2 iPad app…

Hey, just enter midi mode each time you connect the x1. Shirt and menu button to switch mode

Got a MK3 from a friend to test some things, but I guess there are no layers in midi mode right? Since the SHIFT button is not a MIDI button you can map it to a secondary function(?)

Thinking about having this on the side for just stems mixing

Nice device, this is my MIDI mapping. I gave it some section headers to make it more clear.

Attached is an image with how I use it, but please feel free to change/remove things, things like the shift+rev buttons could ruin your cue points for example. Or you want to use the numbers for something else, but it’s a nice base.

TRAKTOR X1 MK3.djayMidiMapping (28.4 KB)