No purchases found in djay Pro Windows

I purchased djay Pro from the Microsoft Store a few months ago. With the latest Djay Pro update patch today, I discovered that the new Djay Pro requires me to buy Pro Features within the application on an annual subscription basis. Does this mean I have to pay twice if I want to use Djay Pro? I’m quite confused

I Already Login Via The email as i use in Microsoft Store

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Hi @champterpam – welcome to the community!

Existing users who purchased djay Pro (legacy) for Windows are eligible for a special loyalty offer - a free selection of permanently unlocked essential features on the new djay Pro for Windows.

To access this offer, you will need to have djay Pro (legacy) currently installed on your PC from the Microsoft Store when launching the new djay Pro app. You will automatically receive a pop-up in the new app that you can then accept to gain immediate access to these features.

If you are not getting this offer please make sure to update both the old and new djay Pro apps for Windows to the latest version by selecting “Get Updates” in the “Library” section of the Microsoft Store app, and also launch and quit the old djay Pro 1 app once more. This should make sure you get the offer shown when launching the new app.

Hope that helps!


I just update the new djay Pro. It’s Work Now!

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@Anders Hey It’s Doesn’t work Again .When I exit the new djay Pro and go back in again, it’s asking me to purchase it for $50 per year again. Help me, please!

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When I exit the new djay Pro and go back in again, it’s asking me to purchase it for $50 per year again


Hi ! I am having similar problems to @champterpam .

I purchased djay Pro for windows back in September 2023 on the Microsoft App Store and it works fine on my primary windows 11 laptop. However, I have now down loaded it on to a second windows 11 laptop and I am being asked to take out a 7 day trial again and then pay $49 again to access the Pro features. I have updated the app on both laptops in the microsoft App store but I still get the same pop up on my second laptop asking me to take out a 7 day trial, no pop up for a free selection of permanently unlocked essential features. Can you help please? Thanks in advance, cheers.

Yes, I’m experiencing the same problem, and right now, I can’t even resolve this issue. It’s still asking for $50 USD/year, just like @bluesb4dawn mentioned. I hope the Algoriddim company will help us soon because I haven’t been able to use the program for several days! @Anders Pleaseeee…

Hi @champterpam and @bluesb4dawn, thanks for your feedback.

Once you have accepted the free upgrade offer on one machine you can use the same user account to log into djay Pro on another machine, even if djay Pro (legacy) is not installed on that machine.

To log in please open the settings panel in djay Pro and click the “Log In / Sign Up” button on the top.

Regarding the DDJ-SB3: we’re looking into why this isn’t working with the upgrade offer. Stay tuned.

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**I logged in using the same email as the Microsoft Store, but the program still hasn’t unlocked the Pro Features.

***The DDJ-SB3 doesn’t work because the Pro feature isn’t unlocked for me.

@Anders Pls help

@Anders same Email

Hi, my primary windows 11 laptop is running djay Pro legacy, however nowhere in the settings or anywhere on the user screen is an option to actually sign in or out of my account, how can this be or am I missing something? This version has not updated to the new release and I am not getting the free upgrade offer. On my second windows 11 laptop i can log in and out of Djay pro and it is running the new update of djay pro but only the free version, and I am still being asked to take out a 7 day trial and then pay $50 dollars for the pro features. Can you help resolve these issues please? Thank in advance, cheers.

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Same here using my MS store login. No purchases found.
Why can I not unlock my pro features.

Same Here I Am Getting The Same Error .

Thanks for your feedback everyone. I think there’s a couple different issues being mentioned in this thread, so let me try to clear them up one by one.

First of all, the new djay Pro app for Windows is not an update of the old djay Pro app. It is a completely new app available on the Microsoft Store, which can be installed side-by-side with the old app. (The old app was renamed to “djay Pro 1” on disk and “djay Pro (legacy)” on the store.) Here’s the link to the new app on the store:

If you previously purchased the old djay Pro app and have it installed on your machine, the new djay Pro app will offer you to unlock all features from your old djay Pro app in the new app.

Unlocking this special offer or purchasing the djay PRO subscription requires to create a djay user account, for which you can sign in with an existing Google or Microsoft account or create an account with a password. Your claimed offer or subscription will be tied to that user account.

Please note that signing in with your Microsoft account will not automatically unlock features from the old app in the new app, as we do not have access to your previous purchases of the djay Pro 1 legacy app – you will need to have the old djay Pro app installed in order to claim the offer mentioned above.

Once you have claimed the offer, or got the djay PRO subscription, you can use your user account to log in on up to 4 additional Windows PCs in order to unlock the same set of features there. Just download the new djay Pro app on your other device, open the settings inside the app, and click “Sign In / Create Account”:

Finally we fixed some issues with MIDI controllers not being unlocked in the latest update available on the Microsoft Store, so please go get it. :slight_smile:

I hope that clarifies most of your questions, but please let me know if anything is still unclear. Also thank you for your patience while we get everything working smoothly with this new system. :pray:


Thanks Anders, this has solved my issues now, cheers :grinning::+1::+1::+1: