non-resonant Cutoff („new topic because „kill eq“ has been solved)

Algoriddim team :pray:t4:,
With the new forum I will bring an old ideas back to your attention.

Please add an option to change the cutoff behavior

1. with resonant
2. without/clean

To all users, please upvote for this suggestion if you also see that we need this essential feature in our loved DJ software :pray:t4::+1:t4::pray:t4:

To the Algoriddim team, thx for reading this suggestion. You created the best DJ software for iOS and it doesn’t need much more to make it professional. I really hope to get this feature as soon as possible :pray:t4::black_heart::pray:t4:

Hi @Sascha_Lassig,

Thanks for bringing up these suggestions and welcome to our new community!

Your feedback is important and we’re keeping it in mind. It would also be great if other users share what they think by commenting, liking, and/or voting on this suggestion.

Thanks again for your feedback!

Thx for taking care of the community :pray:t4::black_heart::pray:t4::black_heart::pray:t4:

I think this problem has been brought up many many times everywhere.

Please guys fix this it’s a huge problem for people making long smooth transitions.

I hope someday you will add this easy to script feature, it’s been years now…

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Namaste Mauro :pray:t4:
Update your djay software :sunglasses:…today we’ve got the long awaited KILL EQ :smiling_imp::black_heart:
Now the developers can concentrate on the CUTT OFF FILTER :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::see_no_evil::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

On this way…thx to the whole Algoriddim Support & Developer team :pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4:


I can’t believe my eyes :rofl::rofl: i guess we stressed them enough about it :heart:

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Hahaha…yeahhh, it seems to work. I wrote it everywhere I could, in every forum and under each update on facebook :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I will go on until they also fix the filter and my high bpm issue. But now honestly in trust that they work on these things and I’m happy with supporting them in the future :black_heart:

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Algoriddim team :pray:t4:,
I update the headline, because you solved one of my requests.

Thank you so much for the possibility to give us the option to change the eq settings.

Now I want to concentrate This topic to the Filter cutoff :sunglasses:

Please add an option in the settings to change the „filter cutoff behavior“

1. with resonant
2. without/clean

Thx to all of you for reading this suggestion. Please vote for this topic if you feel that this would be a nice feature! :pray:t4::black_heart::pray:t4:


Soooo…the Mac version got the update to change the resonance in the filter…let’s hope for this take place in the next updates in ios, too🙏🏽

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Gestures feature has been implemented :metal:t4:
Now it’s time to get a really good sounding filter, because the filter is automatically matched to the fx.
I would wish

  1. No resonance in the filter
  2. Independent fx without filter
  3. lowpass filter without high frequencies

Please vote up :fist_right:t3::fist_left:t3:

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