Numark Audio Device not recognized in djay (Mac App Store version)

I too have problems w/ djay by algoriddim and Numark dj|io, dj io, dj/io “dj | io”
Regrettably I don’t even see the sound card in djay - preferences - devices. However I see the card in Mac OS System settings. Both seen as “Aggregate-audio-device” and “Numark USB audio device”. The first Aggregate option was not seen in in OSX driver version 2.0.2. and so I tested to download a driver really meant for a higher OSX than mine.
Testing both w 2.0.2 and 2.1.18 I get sound via the “Numark USB audio device” listening to Youtube etc. but not via aggregate. Also because of a bad USB connector at the back of the card I have occasionally only sound in left channel.

How come I see the card in OSX but not at all in djay?
Greatful for any ideas.

My configurations are as these:
Numark USB Audio Panel Version 2.1.18 (which is actually the Mac OS 10.8 Mountain lion driver download)
Djay 4.1
OS 10.7.5 Lion
MacBookPro 6,2
Intel Core i5 2,4 GHz
USB 2.0

yeah, this is ridiculous.
i even tried to get into the app’s Contents and copy the _MASReceipt file from the app store purchased version 4.2 into the algoriddim’s version 4.2 but it didn’t work.

why can’t we just get emailed a license code???!!!

For me Djay worked great before the update from Algoriddm and now it doesn’t work!!! Not a NUMARK problem. You need to figure this out a.s.a.p. I have to buy Traktor just to dj my gigs this weekend!!! Very frustrated!

Can anyone confirm (or deny) that there’s a way to get the version from the website, without having to pay a second time? (I’ve already paid for it once via the appstore and that version won’t work with my DJ iO)

Contacted App Store and they very quickly refunded my money. Not sure I want to take a chance downloading the version from the site and have issues again in the future.

Hi, Recently downloaded your app, and I like it alot. I purchased a Numark DJiO, so that I don’t have to use my headphone jack in my iMac to get the signal to the sound system… When i go into preferences in Djay, it doesn’t give me any other choices for the main output other than “built-in output”. Is this a known issue? Or is it a problem that I’m having alone? regards…

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Choosing “Main Output”.

Could you provide me with an email address to do this, please? And where do I download the non-appstore version?

Hi, I have used this setup quite some times for a community children party we organize every 3 months. Yesterday I booted up everything about 30 minutes before the start and - it didn’t work anymore… Stress!

I had to fall back on not mixing and using iTunes… No mixing, no effects, no nothing. The kids had a great evening anyway, so that was no problem.

When I came home I checked the forums etc and saw there were new drivers for the Numark DJ iO - which did not solve the issue. I tried to work around it with Soundflower to no avail (sound gets choppy after about 5 minutes).

So, I guess we have an issue here.

That’s correct - other OS X software has n o problems with it (Traktor, Vox, VLC etc)

Yeah - that’s right. Strange bug. There is probably no way (except buying again) to go from demo to registered mode (when already bought in App store)?

I saw that both versions were labelled 4.1 - so no difference there.

Screenshot of device recognised in (from website downloaded) DJay:

Numark is currently looking into possibilities for this issue. Unfortunately it seems that users are having luck outside of Djay, which doesn’t exactly point to the hardware driver. Luckily Algoriddim and Numark are good friends, and will work together to resolve if needed.

Thank you for your patience,
-Numark Support

Hi Anders, we are still looking into the Numark drivers but we do not have a time frame on a solution to offer users.

Is it not possible for users to get re-authorized on a download version by contacting you guys (Im not assuming anything :-)?
That seems to be the quickest solution.

Thanks for your help on this one!

Hi Yaren, we are looking at driver solutions for the issue. Unfortunately this wil not be something we will have tomorrow for you. Its seems there is a solution for now though, using the downloaded version of Djay.

I’m having the same problem as everyone else. DJIO works fine with other software and is recognized by OS X, but djay refuses to work with it. I have a gig next weekend, so any progress would be great. If you’re (Algoriddim) having trouble recreating the issue, I’d be happy to send along my DJIO so you can see the issue first hand.

Is there anyway to downgrade djay? Version 4.0.whatever worked fine. Anyone know how to do that?


the current release from AppStore will not support Numark NS6. When I plug in NS6 the “Numark” Logo will be shown, but I am not able to select it in the settings (because it is not there).When I download the current release from website Numark NS6 will be shown in the settings, but I am not able to activate it, as Djay now wants a Activation Key which I haven ́t received when I purchased Djay on the AppStore…

I have a family license for 3.0 which is not working (the key will not fit)

Thanks for your fast response as I currently play a wedding :frowning:



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Current release from AppStore will not support Numark NS6 while the actual from the website will..

The issue has to do with djay being sandboxed, which is required for updated apps on the Mac App Store. It seems that the Numark drivers are not compatible with sandboxing and need to be updated for compatibility.

Please contact us via email to see if we can get you a license for our (non-sandboxed) download version, which works with the Numark drivers.

Please contact our support via email about getting the download version.

Numark has released new drivers compatible with sandboxed apps on OS X 10.9 and later, which also work great with djay and djay Pro bought on the Mac App Store.

You can download the new drivers from the Numark support website by selecting your Numark controller or audio device: