Numark Mixtrack Edge Mapping

I have tried multiple times to map my Mixtrack Edge to Djay with very little success. I do not like Virtual DJ LE and would very much prefer Djay. Is there anyone who has successfully mapped the Numark Mixtrack Edge to Djay. If so can you share the mapping?

Would love to see built in support for this controller

Hi Michael,

Sorry, we currently have no mapping files but maybe I can help you map your controller.

What problems have you encountered with the mapping?

I’ll check this and get back to you.

Just to make sure: what exactly do you want your jogwheels to do (with and without shift)?

By the way, you can assign two different shift keys (I think) but this doesn’t mean that you have additional “shift states” if you know what I mean. You’ll just have two different shift buttons doing the same thing.

OK, so it looks like the Mixtrack Edge has 5 different states for the jogwheels. So. each time you press Browse / Cue Mix / Pitch / FX, it changes the state of the jogwheels, which means that it essentially sends a different MIDI event.

Here’s a screenshot of how the jogwheel mapping should look like.

  • CC 38 is Browse mode: press Browse/Scratch while FX is OFF

  • CC 40 is Scratch mode: press Browse/Scratch while FX is ON

  • CC 39 should normally be for Cue/mix slider but I mapped it to change the BPM instead: press Cue Mix (FX on or off doesn’t matter)

  • CC 37: Pitch Bend Mode: press Pitch/Search while FX is OFF

  • CC 41: Jog Seek Mode: press Pitch/Search while FX is ON

Note that while you’re mapping, you’ll also see “Notes” for when you press the jogwheel mode buttons: Browse / Cue Mix / Pitch / FX
Do NOT map these to any controls. I recommend ignoring or deleting them when you’re done mapping.

Also, you won’t need to map shift + jogwheel because the different modes already take care of this.

FYI: When the FX button is on, all buttons with an additional blue label will send a different MIDI event. Also, you should map the “Shift” button to General > Controller Shift Key.

Did you map it exactly as in the screenshot?

Unfortunately, I don’t think you can map the lights via “MIDI learn”.

Yes, you can scratch. I’ve tried all jogwheel behaviours before sending you the screenshot.

What happens if you press the FX button (so it’s lit up in blue), then press the Browse/Scratch button? Can you then scratch with the jogwheels?

You can also upload a screenshot of your mapping so I can take a look at it.

Hmm, I honestly don’t know why but it seems that your controller sends a different signal than mine.

In this case, you’ll just have to map accordingly. Basically, find out which signals your jogwheel sends in the different states and use my mapping as a guide.

The “Auto-Cut” scratching feature is usually triggered when you move the jogwheels while “SHIFT” is pressed. So, make sure that shift is not on while scratching.

In case you haven’t done so already, map the “Shift” button to General > Controller Shift Key. And under the Advanced mapping options, try enabling “MIDI Out” to see if that can control the light.

One of the problems I have is mapping the platters. I set the platters up so I can change the pitch and set them up so I can change the BPM by pressing shift and nudging the platters. I noticed if I have commands assigned to the 3 buttons above the shift button or the FX button - when I engage one of these buttons the platters no longer work.

If you look at the Mixtrack Edge the buttons that give me a problem are the following;

Browse / Cue Mix / Pitch / FX

I also can’t figure out how to set the platters up for scratching.

One other question. Can I assign 2 different shift keys?

I’m close to mapping this out but I can’t seem to get past the platter issue.

Thanks for your help.

Nudge the jogwheels forward/backward while the song is playing to fine tune beatmatching. Just using the jogwheels.

Using the shift key along with the jogwheels to change the BPM of the song so I can match BPM of the 2 songs.

I have mapped the jogwheels to do the above but whenever I press the Browse / Cue Mix / Pitch / FX buttons it cancels out the jogwheel commands. I don’t even have to have anything assigned to the Browse / Cue Mix / Pitch / FX buttons and it still cancels out the jogwheels.

So I guess my question is; Why do these buttons cancel out the jogwheels if I accidentally press them or assign them a completely different command?

Am i doing something wrong or am I missing something?

How do I map the jogwheels so I can scratch on the Mixtrack edge? I am totally lost on this one.

Thanks Warren for your time and help with this.

Thanks Warren for taking the time on this.

I was able to map out everything except the CC40 Scratch Mode. This does not work. When I go to scratch all it does is nudge the jogwheels forward / backward like the Pitch/Bend mode.

Also, how can I get the button lights to stay on when I’m in the different functions?

Thanks again…this has been a learning experience for me.

Yes I mapped everything exactly like the screenshot. All I want is to be able to have the song in play mode and be able to scratch. Is this possible on this controller? All the other mappings you gave me work great except the CC40. Just can’t get it to work…

When I press the FX button (turns blue) and press the browse/scratch button it acts like CC37: Pitch Bend Mode.

I was able to get the scratching function working after the new Mixtrack Edge updater to the firmware. But now I would like to know how to turn off the crossfader from cutting automatically when I scratch?

How do I map the shift button so it is on/off. When I plug the controller in the shift light is always on. So how do I know if it is on or off?

It would be great if Djay could support this controller. The form factor is pretty sweet. Please update!

when will Djay support this controller?