Numark MixTrack Platinum FX - Mapping for DJ Pro on Windows?

I 've bought DJ Pro for Windows and also the Numark MixTrack Platinum FX.
The manual midimappping failed. The DJ Controller flashes all the time and the BPM indicator on the controller does not match. Does anyone have a solution for this?
I would be happy if a suitable setup is created for this controller, otherwise I can’t really use the software.

I would appreciate a quick feedback.

Best regards,


Hi @Rocky,

Thank you for getting in touch and welcome to our community!

I forwarded the request for a midi mapping for djay Pro Windows and it would be great if other users can share their votes on the topic.

Hi @Lukas_E,

Thank you for your quick feedback.
From experience, how long will it take to get feedback on whether the controller will be added?
And if so, how long will it take approximately (update)?

Sorry and many Thanks in advance!

Best regards,


In general we can exactly say how long this will take, but I will push the topic again and we will let you know right away if there are news.

Hi Lukas_E,
I am really interested also. I still waiting a native compatibility with Windows.