Official support for Traktor S4 MK2

I’d love to see the Traktor S4 MK2 supported on djay Pro. I managed to MIDI map my controller to work for the Mac, but it’s flaky (sometimes requires reconnecting a couple of times, firing up Traktor, changing to MIDI mode and restarting djay Pro a couple of times too)

I think it’s great that you brought support for the S3 & S2/MK3 and hope that you’ll consider bringing support for folks with older Traktor controllers too. There must be quite a few of us who are frustrated at not getting decent updates to Traktor Pro software anymore and looking for alternatives ways to use our gear with modern software.

Hi Ganesh,

The issue we face with some of Native Instruments’ older hardware is that they are not standard MIDI class-compliant devices. With some of the controllers, you need the Controller Editor to even get it working with user MIDI maps. We also endeavour to work with the manufacturers for official support in djay.

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Ah I thought the S4 MK2 was Class Compliant as it worked with iOS devices. But you’re right about having to fire up Traktor or the editor to switch it over to Midi mode as it doesn’t seem to always stay that way.

Thanks for looking into it!

Totally understand but if you could somehow find a way anyway…

Traktor DJ has drivers built in for various audio devices. Here’s their support article on the subject.

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I’m also trying to get this working. I need a midi mapping because it’s not opening even when I download this one from DJ Tech Tools.

@DanM Could you please provide an update? We would really like this to work.

I found a solution for now:

You need to rename the file in the latest version of djPro 2 and make sure the MIDI mapping is named with .djayMidiMapping exactly.

There is a midi mappings folder in Music > dj Pro 2 > MIDI Mappings and use this mapping. Then restart dj Pro 2 while holding the right SHIFT + Preview.

Then go to mappings and it should all be mapped.


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