Omni Portable Turntable's dvs problem


I’d like to DVS scratch with serato 7 inch at my omni portable.

Omni reconized my ipad and serato vinyl. It worked.

However when I scratch the vinyl very slowly, djay app dosen’t detect position propery.

I also use djay original 12 inch thogh, situation was same.

What should I do to solve the problem?

Recalibrate in DJay. Portables use a shared ground between the left and right channel. So, you need to make sure that it is calibrated properly in the motor off section.


Hi. I tried to recalibrate in Djay again.

In this time, I touched vinyl with my hand to stop, position move gradually.
(When I stop platter, then no movement).

Post a video including your scope.


I attached pic.

That is a healthy scope in motion. What does the scope look like with the turntable stopped?

Here it is.

You shouldn’t be having any issues. Can you post a video of the issue in action?
Are you using the audio technica stylus/cart that came with the Omni?


I tried to post video though, video file was denied.

Yes I’m using Audio Technica.
However I switched to ortofon VNL. But situation was same.

@Takashi_Ishii your best option for posting videos is to put them on your YouTube channel then share the link here.

Here it is.

When you output the sound directly, is there any hum? A ground loop can cause that.

It could be that the belt drive is vibrating the platter just enough when the record is held down for needle to pick it up.


That’s actually a really good point. I wonder what slipmat the OP is using.

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Thanks for your help!
But I didn’t hear any hum sound.

I appreciate your suggestion!
It might cause this trouble.

I’m using Omni Portable’s orginal mat.
I will try other one this weekend!

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