One Tagger app to edit your tags, fetch data from multiple sources

While doing general google search, I found this app

Seems very interesting as it can fetch data from multiple sources
" Auto Tag
Select your favorite platforms to fetch metadata from."
like Spottify, Discogs, Beatsource, MusicBrainz…

Even it can identify your mp3 with Shazam…

It’s a shame I don’t have many mp3’s anymore, but maybe I’ll try fill in some data of my old mp3’s ripped from my own cd’s.

This is very interesting app.

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Hi! How to import in Djay Ai?

On my wish list : this is on my top list of new features i.e tag editing & tag import to djpro.

Please vote!

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It definitely sounds like an intriguing app! The ability to fetch metadata from multiple sources, including popular music platforms and databases, can be incredibly helpful for organizing and managing a music collection. And the fact that it can identify MP3s using Shazam is pretty impressive. It’s always great to have a tool that can help make tasks like organizing music easier and more efficient.

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