Edit Track Metadata!

Feature Request: Edit Metadata Tags for tracks (including Tidal source!)

I’m a big fan of DjayPro and frequently recommend it to others. I recently got a new DJ Controller and it worked great immediately with DjayPro, despite it being designed for Serato. Still I wanted to compare features so I loaded up Serato DJ Pro and found myself missing the awesome clean layout and UI that DjayPro has put together. Thank you for creating a remarkable app!

Having said that, I was able to Edit the metadata on Tidal tags in Serato and then use them for filtering tracks. I believe this is the only core feature missing for me from DjayPro. Looking back at comments it seems this has been requested since 2013, curious if this is on any roadmap?


Hey @Sebastian_Beca,

Thanks for taking the time to post this request in our community.

Currently, metadata editing is not supported on djay PRO AI for Mac. I’ll pass this request to our development team for future consideration. We are always working on improving the app, so your feedback is very helpful in ensuring future developments are aligned with the wishes of the djay community.

I’ll keep you posted with any updates.



I use a tag editor for my Mac.
It’ll allow you to do multiple songs at one time.
Djay will then see a meta data within the song.
I do use iTunes.


Gracias Guillermo, I do hope this feature is brought in soon!

Fred, I am aware that you can edit the tags outside for files, but I’m mostly interested in tagging Streaming i.e. TIDAL tracks.


Thank you Sebastian for reiterating that you’d like to tag streaming services tracks. We’ll look into possible solutions for this. We’ll keep you guys posted here in the comment section with any news about this.



I support this request. Something Serato allows, so it is possible, and very useful

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Hi Guillermo,
I see they launched a new “Featured” source for Djay Pro, congrats! Wondering if there is any progress on adding/editing metadata for the TIDAL streaming service within the App?

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Hey @Sebastian_Beca,

No, no news on this topic at this time. We kindly ask for your patience. I’ll personally hit you guys up when there’s anything to report:)

Thanks for your understanding.



@Guillermo similar request has been voted several times here, really need this feature implemented! Vote here as well for it!


Seriously investing into DJ Pro AI now having gone back to back with Serato over a few weeks

It’s just far better software in my experience in almost every way EXCEPT…

The main advantage of Serato remaining is the availability to edit tags across ‘crate’ based playlists which encompass both tidal streaming based tracks along with local or cloud based Mp3 and WAV files

This is vital to really get the most from sets from my perspective and a feature I can see the DJ pro community cheering for

Once that’s integrated it’s game over hands down DJ Pro has it nailed on all fronts as I see it on the software side :slight_smile:


Agreed, I’ve gone back to Serato for professional events this reason alone (editing tags, color highlights, etc.) Which kills me because DJay Pro Ai is just better in so many ways.

However, being able to also create and edit Tidal playlists within Serato is just too good of a feature to pass up. It saves so much time, enabling you to build playlists quickly and test them out in real time. Also the prepare tab is extremely useful…

Not throwing shade a DJay Pro, I absolutely love the software, but I really feel that these key elements are what is keeping the platform from truly being "Pro"software. In a professional setting, organization is KEY. I would prioritize this over full hardware integration or any other additional features.

We have a similar request here: Implement a comment section so you should vote on it. If the Algoriddim team @Guillermo could combine these requests and aggregate the votes I think we’d start to see some traction on this.

Thanks to everyone who is supporting this push!


I’d just like to jump on the bandwagon and say this is a feature that I would find tremendously useful. This ability to edit the data for a track would keep me from having to use iTunes. I should be able to use DJay Pro AI as a standalone.


Metadata editing is absolutely necessary for a professional DJ! I’m using the Commend and Rating section at every gig.


I am new to DJay and after playing around a bit really shocked. It looks like we are not able to adjust the rating of a song or genre.

Come on guys, before starting with AI you should have started implementing basic functionality everyone would expect.

I am really near to cancel my one year subscription. :frowning:


Please add this GEEZ

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I am curious does anyone know how to edit metadata from within the Djay Pro Software (.ie. comments, rating, track title, etc)? Currently I have to go to the source file on my mac or go into itunes to do this currently. It’s just super convenient and am wondering if anyone else has this problem or has found a more user friendly solution?



i’ve sent this request to algoriddim support
they should be working on it :wink:

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I’m not sure you’d be able to edit a track’s metadata unless you publish the track yourself.
Instead, maybe you’re looking for a container that wraps the metadata with your own fields of data. that would be awesome and useful if it’s not proprietary to dJay.

Hi guys. A bit of help for a guy coming from Serato, how do I edit my track names in Djay Pro? Also is there a way to drag and drop tracks from the decks to playlists or to finder at all? Or a workaround? Cheers!

Ps. I’m using a Macbook :slight_smile: