Open Playlist Folders - Midi Mapping for Reloop Beatmix

I like djay for mac a lot - especially as a beginner in the world of DJing.

One thing I haven’t found out yet is how to configure my Reloop Beatmix so it can open a playlist folder when browsing on the left side. I have to use the mouse for that.
There seems to be no mappable action for that. I can only switch between the iTunes-Library tree (left) and the song lists (right), and load tracks.
Is there any way to to open playlist folders with the console, or did I miss something?

Best regards, Günni

This needs to be done - ideally all functions of the software must be mappable. See virtual DJ for example.

Focus playlists doesn’t unfold the folder for me - is there another way?

Hi Günther,

There is currently no mappable action for that.

This has been implemented for DJay Pro 1.2.
Target: Music Library
Action: Focus Playlists