PC Version is Terrible - Where do I begin?

I was considering buying this for my PC since I don’t have a MAC but the difference in quality between the 2 versions is absolutely shocking.

How dare you release such an unloved, uncared for product to the PC community… NO updates for 2 years… Woeful feature set by comparison. It is an absolute joke! It’s more than that, it is an insult.

Where do I begin?!

Cue points don’t save wasting HOURS of my time. No manual save wtf?!
Downbeat/Beatgrid Adjustments don’t save.
Automix features are lacking - Why is the transition time in second rather than bars???
Not able to extend the length of transition either.
Not able to choose an exit point for each track (0-30 seconds before end is all we get)
Limited/non-existing Playlist editing capability

I could go on and on but i suspect nobody will read this or even care, let alone do anything about it.

I’m absolutely furious that you are continuing to promote such a woefully inadequate product that has clearly been left to rot. You are only losing yourself money and support and clearly do not give a damn.

You’re the second person in less than 7 days to come to vent about the windows version.
There is also a larger body of folks who want answers about the Android version.

Basically, everyone knows it, but many don’t want to admit it: In the DJ software segment, Apple has been the dominant platform for many, many years. You can find that good or bad and certainly discuss it extensively - but you can’t change it. In this respect, I can understand that a provider primarily supports and develops the version of its software that is used more often, even if this is of course annoying for many Windows users. For Windows laptops (and also MacBooks) there are many alternatives that have been established for years, so Djay Pro basically has a hard time. In my opinion, Algoriddim should focus primarily on the support of mobile platforms such as iPhone and iPad, because this is really a unique selling point and will play an increasingly important role in the future.

I agree with…well, pretty much all of that, but especially the iDevices part: even regular non-Pro iPads with Apple Silicon are impressive and perfect for most DJ applications, especially with a dock that allows connection of other necessary peripherals (screen, drive, controller…and even ethernet in some cases).
There’s a version of Apple’s Digital Audio Workstation Logic that runs on iPad, and one of their video editor, and 3rd parties like Blackmagic Designs beat Apple to the punch with DaVinci Resolve (and their cloud for moving projects around between desktops and iDevices, and they have their own RAID, which I can see djay skewing towards for those who use the video functionalities of the software).

Apple hardware is for creatives, period, because it just works.
I’ve never been able to say that about a Windows machine, or an Android device when it comes to audio or video, not without digging into drivers and configs and other soul crushing…
There may be better cameras or faster (or more) processors…but Apple makes sure everything works together so you don’t have to, pretty much, and they’ve done the work (and trained their people to know) to sort problems out quickly, or send them up the chain to people who can work on it for the next release if it takes some coding.
I’m not fanboy-ing here. I’m talking as someone who has been an Apple user since grade school because they make it ridiculously easy to be one. Sure there’s a premium for it, but I’d prefer to just power on and know it goes, and then replace when it has served its purpose after a useful life.

macOS version also deletes my cue-points.

They have just released a new version i think.

I got a message the other day stating that I can download a trial windows pro AI beta.

Oops… someone’s not fully grasped the confidentiality part of being a beta tester…. :rofl::rofl:

:laughing: :rofl: holy sh!t, I didn’t really notice that, I thought it would be first come, first serve and just open to everyone, like it is on google play.

It’s a bit strange if they have singled me out to be a windows beta tester when I have only ever used the android platform.

To be honest, if you google windows djay pro, this is the top result


Very odd then, betas are usually kept quite and the end users have to sign a NDA whilst part of the beta cycle….

Maybe they’re approaching the Windows beta from a different angle, with it having a smaller user base.

Anyway, let’s hope the beta brings some much needed functionality and parity between the platforms.


Yeah, my apologies, I made a mistake there.

Originally, I was sent an email saying I could join the wondows beta testers. There was a link within that email that opened the same page as I posted above. That was the link I was supposed to post.

You enter your email address and then Algoriddim send another email with another link that opens the download page. This was the link that I posted by accident :grimacing: That was my personal link. Again, my apologies.

My little lad has a gaming PC so I did actually have a little play yesterday…

…and to be honest, I thought it was pretty good!!


Wow, looks like full-blown djay Pro AI, just like on the Mac! :open_mouth:

I have only ever used the android version so this Windows pro AI version is quite different from what I’m used to.

To be honest, it was actually very good. Everything seemed to work as it should and I didn’t have any problems getting to grips with it.

The only issue I had, (and it’s not really an issue) was that when selecting a new track, I had the urge to touch the screen. I had to keep reminding myself to use the mouse :stuck_out_tongue:

The neural mix function is quite interesting and was the first time I have ever used it. It does do a very good job of isolating vocals and different sounds.

I can remember someone on this forum saying that vocal isolation wasn’t 100% perfect and I do agree but I don’t think it ever can be totally perfect.

Taking a track and turning it into an acapella is an almost impossible task. I used to try and do this myself many years ago using all sorts of software so I understand how difficult it is. I would run no end of filters, frequency boosters and effects to try and extract a nice sounding vocal from a track. It was all very time consuming.

The fact that the neural mix is able to isolate a vocal instantly to that level is mind blowing really. I’m very impressed.

I admit, I was SALTY a few weeks ago when I paid $50 for the windows version of Djay Pro.
If I worked at Algoriddim, I would have never let that version be released, it was a sad state of affairs.

The new Ai Beta shows some real promise, and better demonstrates what a company like Algoriddim is capable of. (thanks you guys/gals, I somehow knew y’all wouldn’t let me & many others down)

A Free public Beta for Windows version of djay Pro AI was released yesterday. I’ve only briefly test it, but looks great so far!

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to pop in and let you all know that we are now publically sharing the latest djay for Windows beta entitled, djay Pro AI for Windows, at the link below.

We’d really appreciate hearing any and all feedback you may have regarding this public beta so that we can continue to improve the app in future updates.

Have a fantastic day!