Perfect Transitions Every Time: Cue Point "Mating" Feature

I use the Cue Points feature to mark the mix-in and mix-out points for each song in my mixes. I typically set the orange cue as the beginning of the song, and the blue cue as the end.

Right when Song A gets to the blue cue point, I press play on Song B (starting from the orange cue point) and begin the transition. However, my timing isn’t always perfect, and the two tracks don’t end up being perfectly beatmatched.

Is there any way Djay could recognize that Song A just passed the blue cue point when Song B starts at the orange cue point and “mate” the two songs together, creating a perfectly beatmatched transition every time? Setting a tolerance of, say, 1/4 second before and after the cue point would probably be necessary to account for slightly early or slightly late presses of the Play button for Song B.

Pressing the Sync button does not always fix this problem, as it often skips the new song forward 1 beat or 1/2 beat.

I want this feature so bad. I actually implemented it in a custom Ableton-based DJ interface that I built, and it’s great. Not just for nailing the timing, but for easily getting the lead-in material before the new start-point to anticipate and focus on interesting transition effects, since the tracks are already perfectly synced to the drop, or whatever. Any luck finding a way to do this?

Maybe I’m missing something. Or maybe I’m not being clear. Let me clarify:

Let’s say we have an endpoint set in the current track and a startpoint set in the new one. The playhead is currently exactly 14 beats before the endpoint. I want to be able to press a button that will immediately start playing the new track exactly 14 beats before the startpoint. Then, I can do what I want with levels and effects while fading over, knowing that the transition will line up perfectly when the tracks hit their relative start/end points. Is this possible without doing the math myself?

I do use skip a lot. But using it here still leaves me having to watch the playheads and do the math. Considering how simple this would be to implement, it’d be really nice to have the computer do it, so I could focus on effects and other expressive moves.

I’m aware that it’s possible to put in workarounds and do things manually. I’m looking for the software to do something very simple so that I don’t have to think about it.

isn’t that why we use Start and End cue points?

You may want use the SKIP feature available in IOS versions.
You can set to skip at desired amount of beats
( multiple by 4 beats, can’t do 14 beats).

Maybe consider. All end and start cue points set to 32 beats. Most songs have a BREAK lasting at least 32 beats. I use this formula and am able to use effects while the mix is in transition.

Hi there,

Thank you all for your feedback.

We understand the issue and I talked to our development team about the feature.

We will keep you posted.


Lukas E.

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