Persistent Filters (currently they are constantly reset)

As a user I want my filter selections to be persistent for all in the source. If I set a bpm range or pick a title in a playlist and go to another playlist, I want those filters to be persistent. Currently they are always reset.

  • Steps:
  1. Select a playlist
  2. Set filter - bpm to 110-128
  3. Switch to another playlist (in a different folder).
  4. Select filter. Bpm is reset to default 110-120
  5. Go back to original playlist and all filter options have been reset.

Hi @ncianca,

Thank you for the suggestion!

I appreciate you including the steps to recreate your current dilemma as it will help us in getting a better understanding of how to implement a change like this to djay.

I will pass this along to our dev team for further review and update this thread with any additional information that we receive on this matter.

Have a great day!

When we set a filter in the playlist it should apply everywhere so we can mix based on what we set from our entire library. Having a filter just for 1 playlist is kind of pointless.