Pioneer DDJ-400 with Djay iOS audio drops out

I am using the Pioneer DDJ-400 with Djay (recent paid subscription version) on an iPad and twice now on gigs the audio output from the DDJ-400 stopped during the set and it was just silence. Djay never crashes and the meters light up in Djay but the meters on the DDJ-400 stop and no sound comes out. This happens about 2-3 hours into my set. DJ nightmare scenario.

I had to unplug the controller and restart the app in order for it to work again. Extremely frustrating and unstable. I am using the most current Apple lightning to USB adapter and when it’s working it’s really great, I just don’t know why the audio output on the controller would suddenly stop working. It’s like the connection drops but not all the way since the crossfader still responds. Is there something I can do here to prevent this? It only happens after a few hours of use. The DDJ-400 and Djay integration needs to be much more reliable. I am using it for 5-6 hours at a time.

I am using an iPad Pro with the most recent version of Djay Pro for iOS. I noticed there was a firmware update for the DDJ-400 in September which I installed hoping it would help but I was able to replicate the problem again at home.

I love Djay and I really want it to work with the DDJ-400 reliably for long gigs! Please help!

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I’ve had this same problem for the past 4 months since I got the DDJ-400 using an iPad Pro USB-C but it would cut out earlier at 30-50 minutes. I upgraded the firmware on the DDJ-400, updated the iOS software, and have the latest Sept. 26 update of DJAY.

iPad 11" USB-C -> Apple USB-C hub -> USB-C power supply and DDJ-400
iPad 11" USB-C adapter -> USB-A cable -> DDJ-400


I use the Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter as well as the Satechi Type-C Mobile Pro Hub. I also have them connected to a power source. Both have problems with the audio cutting out after a period of time. All other functions continue to work, just the audio on the controller cuts out.

Dave how long did you play for? I tried it direct with cable USB-C to USB-B cable and it worked a little longer than using the Apple hub but it still gave out. I find that if I’m always pressing buttons sending midi signals back and forth it has the issue. When I run it on auto mix for 6+ hours I didn’t have the problem. 

I downloaded and installed the latest firmware on the DDJ-400. Tried using a single USB-C to USB-B cable to an iPad Pro 11 and it cut the audio in about 15 minutes. Also tried using a powered USB-C hub with a USB-B/USB-A cable to the DDJ-400 which cut out in 30 minutes. I have the latest OS and DJAY update installed.

Did a 6 hour gig with DJAY Pro 2 on MacBook Pro with the DDJ-400 without any issues.

Thanks for the update. I really appreciate your attempts at trying to fix the issue. If you guys can get this fixed, it will be my new favorite setup. I stopped using Serato and Traktor, then stopped using a laptop. For my past 40 gigs I’ve been on DJAY on the iPad on either a Reloop Mixtour, Wego 4, DDJ-200, or Denon 4000. For some reason I keep getting drawn to the DDJ-400 because of it’s size, weight, and control setup. It just feels like a glove whereas all of my other controllers have something that I have to compromise like weight, sound output, or functionality.

So again, thanks for working on it.

Anyone know if the new update fixed it? I don’t have time to test today. Will try tomorrow.

Nope. Just tried and still getting the audio cut off with DJAY v3.2.5.

Tried a lot of different cables, expensive and cheap ones. I’ve logged over 200 gig hours on the 400 with my laptop with no issues. I primarily use a USB-C iPad Pro for iPad DJ’ing and haven’t had any audio dropout issue with my other controllers, just the 400.

Do you have a DDJ400 and successfully using it on an iPad for multiple hours?

I’ve had one instance where I got through a 2 hour session without a problem. All other attempts ended with a problem. Used it with multiple iPads and all had problems. Most of my gigs are 3-6 hours of straight mixing so without a fix, this setup is unusable.

Ddj-400 works great so far with DJAY Pro and laptop. Did a 9 hour gig yesterday without an issue.

I’ve had it work with Automix without a problem for hours upon end. It cuts out while interacting with the controls. Not sure but I’m thinking it has something to do with an erroneous midi command being sent back to the controller that is causing the issue or maybe a voltage variation over USB. 

We have ten DJ’s in our company. I’m the only one that has a DDJ-400 and the only one that also uses DJAY on an iPad. Chances are, there aren’t a lot of people using this combo yet. If this ever gets fixed, it will probably be my favorite small setup. Unfortunately there is no timeline of when it might be fixed.

Thanks for your input. I mainly use my library and not Spotify so it doesn’t seem like a streaming issue. I’ve also tried it with and without WiFi or Bluetooth and still had the problem occur.

Still a problem. Just tried it out this morning with latest iOS and DJAY updates. Lasted 30 minutes before cut off. Great controller, but unreliable setup with iPad unless issue is fixed.

Just tried it and the latest update didn’t fix the audio dropping problem. DDJ-400 still not a useable controller with DJAY. Really upsetting because I got the DDJ-400 because it was on the supported list.

It works fine on a MAC. Right now the issue is with the iOS version. Just tried the iOS version today and got about 25 minutes before it cut out. Did a 2 hour session on the MAC yesterday with no problem.

Here two. Can’t use it for gig’s. Just stops working random. No more control’s possible. Ipad pro, 12.9, lightning. Ios 13.

Same here.

Hi George,

Thank you for your post.

We are sorry to hear that you had to face this issue and can understand how frustrating this is.

In order to reproduce the issue, can you please tell us the exact djay version and iOS version you have installed?

We will run a test suit in order to check the connection.

Lukas E.


Thank you all for sharing this issue and also the videos George.

We are inspecting the problem and will check what causes it. 

Can you all please share the adapters and iOS Devices you are working with?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Hi Guys,

Thank you for your feedback.

We are inspecting this issue at our office. Did you all install the latest firmware on the DDJ 400?…

Any further information is highly appreciated.