Pioneer DDJ 400

Hey Guys, does the new Pioneer DDJ 400 work with Djay Pro? And if so, is there a way to connect it to the ipad?

Thanks for helping answers… :slight_smile:

What about Windows 10? hardly worth patting yourselves on the back tf is wrong with you guys?

Where the fuck is Windows 10 support? I was going to get this controller specifically for Djay pro but now I’m not even sure If I want the software if they don’t even update or support Windows users. I’m better off just getting a beatport account and using the 50 dollars to get an album than support a half assed dev team that takes days to respond. Rekordbox it is then

Lukas!!? Windows 10! Native Compatibility coming? We could give a fuck about iOS none of us are trying to be Fisher Price with this. Get us another representative that can actually do their job and read

Any updates on windows support? It’s absolutely shocking how Algorithm is treating their windows users so little updates and fragmentation…

Hi Guys - would anyone be interested in collaborating on creating a mapping for the Pioneer DDJ-400 for Djay Pro?

I’ve started a mapping here…

Perhaps we could divide up the tasks (buttons) and then merge our two midi mapping files to create one comprehensive mapping (and then share this with everyone).

Any takers?



Thanks Jimmy - looking forward to seeing your mapping and we can go from there…

Algoriddim I feel you do need to jump on this. As I’m sure you know, the DDJ 400 comes with a copy of Rekordbox… people are going to get used to using that while they wait for the DJ Pro mapping and perhaps they won’t want to go back??

Yey! Thanks Lukas - great stuff.

How should I update my copy of djay Pro 2 to this latest (DDJ 400 compatible) version please? ie via the App store or via your website.

I stopped using djay Pro 2 and went back to djay Pro (1) because of the issue where cue points were not syncing in icloud - is that fixed now?

Thanks very much for getting the DDJ 400 mapping sorted.

Kind regards


I’m looking to buy the DDJ-400 and Djay Pro for Windows.

Is there any ETA in support for the DDJ?

Didn’t work at first for me either. You need to make sure the devices are configured correctly in the app. And you also have to make sure the cue is on for the correct side on the deck.

Hi Jimmy,

thank you for your mail.

You can use the mixer with our Mac version as external mixer.
With our iPad version we are only supporting native iOS ready mixer/ controllers.


Sorry for the misunderstanding, the full controller is mappable with djay Pro for the Mac.
We also added your posts to our controller request list.

Thank you all.

Lukas E.

Hi Kan,

sorry for the misunderstanding.
The DDJ 400 is not natively supported at the moment, but can be mapped and used directly by djay Pro for the Mac and Windows.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Hi Corpus,

we are gathering all posts, mails, and request for the DDJ 400 in order to push the topic.

Please note that we generally can not provide informations about future plans and timeframes.

Hi there,

we are very happy to announce that our latest update for djay Pro 2 for Mac is featuring a native mapping of the SX 3 and the DDJ 400.

Thank you all for your patience.

Have fun mixing!

Cheers,Lukas E.

We generally only support iOS ready controllers with our iOS apps.
You can find all supported iOS ready controllers on our Hardware page:

Hi Robin,

Happy to announce that our latest update for djay Pro for Windows is natively supporting the DDJ 400.

Please make sure you update to djay Pro Windows 1.0.27492.0.

Lukas E.

I’m going to buy this controller and use it with Windows. Guys do you think is it a good idea even if it is not supported already? Thank you

Hey Nick,

already started with mapping the DDJ 400, but I’m kinda stuck, cause I have trouble with getting the pads in correct function or the jogwheel. The volume meter also doesn’t work…

Can upload my mapping the next days, and we can compare our work.

Hope the DDJ 400 will get natively support soon!

My mapping is online on techtools, the basic functions work, beside the jogwheels, they still don’t work like in rekordbox. I’m still not that happy with the mapping, and the fact, that after a certain time mixing my headphone signal is messing up suddenly, and can’t get it working again without restarting the software… algoriddim guys, please do something and implement a natively plug&plax for the DDJ 400…