Pioneer DDJ-FLX4 CFX Button

I recently purchased a FLX4 controller and I’m using it in combination with a MacBook just for my own private fun :smile:

After upgrading the deck to 1.04, things are working quite nicely.

Three things are bothering me though:

  • how to I switch smart CFX effects on the deck?? Can’t figure that out. If I press shift+smart cfx, it starts blinking and then what?

  • is there a nice way to map the neural mix features as toggle buttons to the controller?? The once for separating beat/harmony/vocals…

  • shouldn’t the „Smart Fader“ button turn the Vrossfader FX on/off?

Thank you!

Smart CFX only works with Rekordbox as far as I know. You can map Neural Mix to the pads of the FLX4 by yourself. Mapping the Smartfader button to Crossfader FX on/off should be possible as well


Hi @martinschki,

  1. As @Andreas_Haase1 stated, Smart CFX is a Rekordbox specific feature.
  2. In my personal custom MIDI Mappings, I usually map SHIFT+Headphone Cue to the Neural Mix/EQ Toggle.
    a. The MIDI command in djay is called Toggle Neural Mix - EQ and this toggles your controller EQ knobs between regular EQs and Neural Mix EQs.
  3. @Michael_Wisniewski has made a custom FLX4 MIDI Mapping that you might want to check out: DDJ-FLX4 MIDI Map (Unofficial 2.9)
  4. Also, there is already a feature request topic enable mapping the FLX4 Smart Fader button to the djay CFX Toggle command: DDJ-FLX4 - map Crossfader FX Toggle to Smart Fader button
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Well, that’s weird then….

Because I can turn smart cfx on and off it it behaves differently wether it’s on or off. So the button must trigger something

Hi @martinschki, yes the Smart CFX button on the FLX4 is being used in the default djay Pro MIDI Mapping, but not in the exact same way as Rekorbox’s Smart CFX implementation. Since I don’t have a FLX4, I can’t tell you exactly what this does in djay, but perhaps one of our other users like @Michael_Wisniewski can chime in.

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