DDJ-FLX4 - map Crossfader FX Toggle to Smart Fader button

Please update the official DDJ-FLX4 MIDI Mapping

  • map the Crossfader FX Toggle to the Smart Fader button
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You can easily do that yourself with midi mapping in less than a minute.

On the top menu bar click MIDI, then configure DDJ-FLX4 (or whatever controller you have plugged in, the name will show up there)

Now hit the button on your controller that you want to remap, and this case it would be the smart, fader button. (be careful not to hit your jog wheel because that window will jump around)

When you hit the smart fader button, you will notice in that in the configuration window a line item will have been highlighted.
Don’t hit anything else, and go over to middle the highlighted row, and click on the part of the row that’s underneath the “Target” column.

Select “Mixer” from the drop-down menu popped up.

Now to the right of where you just selected mixer, on that same highlighted line, click on the corresponding spot in the "Action’ column. and scroll around do you find “Crossfader FX Toggle” and click it.
Go ahead and save your changes If it prompt you, and boom there you go.

I programmed the smart fader to be a second shift layer. so you’ve got your built-in shift buttons and when you hold them you get a secondary function if you were to hit pad button, and if you hold down the smart fader, you get a third function that you can program in the mapping options. You can also hold Smart fader and turn the knobs and faders and virtual decks three and four, which gives you way more possibility with the controller. I have two mappings, one where I can control decks, three and four, with the cross fader and different knobs, and I have another mapping where regularly my EQ knobs will control my stem tracks, and when I hold shift(smart fader shift) adjust the EQ.
I turn on the cross Vader, FX by holding my Smart fader shift, and then hitting Smart CFX.

I have a blast customizing the mappings. For instance. my mic level knob, since I don’t use a mic, adjusts FX 2 and when I hold the smart fader shift, it adjusts FX 3.

I also just realized who I wrote that first I wrote that too lmao
Thanks for the mappings Mike!!
Reading your post is what got me onto wanting to edit my own. I was running your 1.5 version a while.

I’m gonna leave the post I feel like it’s a pretty simple guide for somebody to follow. Who’s never done it before.

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:grin: Seems obvious doesn’t it? That’s the problem. We can’t do it on our end.

  • With the built-in DDJ-FLX4 mapping, you cannot map the Crossfader FX Toggle function to the Smart Fader button - it’s not available. This is a good example where Algoriddim has done some voodoo with the CC codes to make the controller work, but has restricted our ability to make custom changes.
    Notes:, with the built-in mapping, the Smart Fader button registers as CC 81. You can see the list of options is very limited - and does not have the Crossfader FX Toggle command.

The Crossfader FX Toggle is available for the Smart Fader button in the “Unofficial” mapping. In fact, so many other commands are available that the list scrolls off the menu!

  • Notes:
    – When Crossfader FX are OFF, the Smart Fader button registers as CC#-1
    – When Crossfader FX are ON, the Smart Fader button registers as Note F0
    – notice the huge list of options that scrolls off the menu


Thanks for the suggestion @Michael_Wisniewski! I have forwarded this onto the dev team.

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Oh, I get it, finally. It’s easy for me because I built my mapping off of the unofficial mapping(1.8).

Is there any functionality that gained if converting to your 1.9 mapping?

Also, Mike, how do you typically edit your mappings? Any IDE?

  • djay Pro macOS built-in editor
  • textEdit for XML

Cannot remember that far back. Current version is 3.0

lol I meant 2.8 or 2.9! :rofl: :rofl:
Didn’t know 3 was out, downloading right now.

And yeas sorry about the confusion, how about this question? are there any benefits to upgrading to the 3.0 mapping over the 2.8 or 2.9?

The reason I ask is because I have made a ton of customizations built off of your 2.8 and I don’t know what they are cause I constantly changing play with them.

I’m sure theres a plugin for VScode that will highlight differences between two documents

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version 2.8

  • Volume LEDs activated

version 3.0

  • Smart Fader button toggles Crossfader FX
  • Smart CFX button is un-mapped / free

Where can the fx that could previously be activated with the Smart CFX button now be activated?


Greetz Chris

The Smart CFX button is still mapped in version 2.9 of the DDJ-FLX4 Unofficial MIDI Mapping. You can copy the settings from there.

In version 2.9

  • Smart CFX button was mapped to toggle FX2/FX3 on decks 1/2 (on/off).
  • this let you manually set FX2/FX3 and then toggle them on/off with the Smart CFX button

In version 3.0

  • Smart CFX is un-mapped/free

Crossfader Fusion is a great feature. I can turn it off on my iPad by using the Crossfader FX toggle and I can select what effect to use when it is switched on (e.g. Dissolve, EQ etc).

I’m trying to map this to unused buttons on my Pioneer DDJ-FLX4 (Smart CFX to turn on/off Crossfader FX) and maybe Shift + Smart CFX to cycle through the effect type (Fade, Filter, EQ, Dissolve etc). The things is I don’t know in the list of mapping actions what Crossfader FX and Crossfader FX Type would be.

I set Target as mixer and the only relevant sounding action options are Crossfader FX Select (Rotary). And this is where I get lost. I need to know what action turns on/off the Crossfader Effects and what action allows me to cycle through the Crossfader Effects type with a repeated button press. Or any other suggestions on what other controls I could be using to achieve my goals and avoid me touching my iPad when I’m DJing.

Do you see these Crossfader FX options?

Thanks @Michael_Wisniewski. You beat me to it. You rock!

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Sorry, I don’t think I specified - I’m using DJ Pro for iPad. I don’t think I have those options but will take a screenshot next time I’m by my controller.

So, I did some more investigating of DJ Pro for iPad and mapping do Pioneer DDJ-FLX4.

There are 2 buttons on the controller, a Smart CFX button and a Smart Fade button.

Both buttons send the same information CC81, and if you press Shift while pressing either button, it sends CC81.

The confusing bit is the options in the target action menu for the Smart CFX button or Smart Fader button (CC81) is different compared to when I select Shift + Smart CFX/Smart Fader (CC82). For CC81, under Mixer I have a Crossfader FX section with options like Crossfader FX Toggle, Crossfader FX Select Previous, Cross Fader FX Select Next etc. For CC82 I only have the option of Crossfader FX Rotary and Transition Duration rotary.

So I just went ahead and set CC81 (Smart CFX) to Crossfader FX Toggle but when I save it doesn’t do anything.

If I set one of the sampler pads to Crossfader FX Toggle then it works as expected so I’m a bit confused with why Smart CFX or Smart Fader isn’t working.

I wonder if it’s to do with the control type. The pads are trigger pads…you press once and they triggger and event but the Smart Fader and Smart CFX buttons, you press once and they light. up and you press again and they turn off.

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