Pioneer-DDJ-REV1 Support? (Not The 7)

Any word on whether the Pioneer REV 1 will be supported? Or if anyone has created a mapping? I found the other thread about the rev7 but I made this one to just discuss just the REV1, I can’t stand Serato and the peeps @ virtual DJ say it will be supported soon but they are taking too damn long LOL, if it doesn’t get supported by DJAY or VDJ soon ,I’m probably just going to sell it


Hi Timothy,

Did you ever find a Mapping for the REV 1? DJAY is taking to long, can’t stand Serato. THANK YOU!

Nah, I actually ended up selling it, I was thinking of using it with
virtual DJ though

I got one mostly created, lights don’t work like the play/pause/cue lighting up, there’s a midi list in a pdf somewhere but Pioneer’s site is returning a 404 for the file.

yup, I’m thinking the same thing. I bought a REV-1 (Gold Edition) unused waiting for the support for it on DJay Pro, I tried using Serato software but don’t like it… If it doesn’t happen soon I’m going to sell it and buy the RANE ONE. very disappointing.

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Yea, Rev 1 works pretty good with Virtual DJ, in fact,I’m thinking about re-buying it to use as a backup, and as far as the Rane One with DJAY, there are still a few quirks that need to be worked out, it’s fun at home but I don’t use it in a professional setting, I usually use Virtual DJ for that

Hi Timothy,
Thanks for the heads up on the Rane One. It’s funny, yesterday I was looking into the virtual DJ software and tried the free vision app on my iMac, I want to try it with my Rev1. Which version of Virtual DJ would be a good choice? I think I’m going to get the monthly version.

Hi everyone,

I am pleased to announce that the DDJ-REV1 is now supported in the latest version of djay, v4.0.1!

Have a wonderful day!


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