Pioneer DDJ Rev5 support

Pad colors are easy…

For the pads that have color leds like the cue point pads

Once a button is mapped click advance midi

Check the box midi out put

There is min. And max

Min is for the state of the button at rest… 1 to 127

Max is state of button when on

1 to 127


I try to map it with iPad Pro. Struggle to get the fx to work with the toggle switches and same for the jog wheels. RGB on the pads not work also.


To do rgb colors on the rev5

Once you map a button click advanced midi

Check midi out

You will see min and max

Min is the color that you want when the button is not activated

Max is the color when you hit the button.

The colors are between 1 and 127

Within those numbers there is bright blue and weak blue

Weak or dim yellow


I have a new problem
1 . How can the gain display of the channels be brought up ? Because only the master wu-meter works for me

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I am unable to get the the REV5 to work with DJAY PRO AI


Do you like the Mixon 8 Pro?

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how did you get it to work? ch1 master ch2 clip led display doesn’t work for me?

Please, I’m a djay pro user, please support Pioneer rev 5 urgently


The fact I paid for software that is basically unusable with my Rev5 is really frustrating. I really wish they would go ahead and support it already.


It worked for me by default. The ch1 and ch2 gain led still does not work


the gain for ch1 and ch2 works when autogain is turned off in the program settings!

the gain for ch1 and ch2 works when autogain is turned off in the program settings


Let’s get this Rev 5 support this spring or summer! We are all waiting! I like Serato but love Djay Pro! Please!!! All I want for my birthday is Rev 5 support!


Any update or possible ETA on Rev 5 full offficial support?


“Really disappointed that the Pioneer REV5 controller isn’t mapped for use with iOS or Windows.”

it’s really one of the best controllers nowadays. It deserves support, but it seems they don’t want to support it, and the number one software for me would be Djay pro. I’m currently staying on the serato side.

This is so sad to see. I have messaged and emailed this company about the rev 5 and no one seems to care but pioneer just dropped an absolutely useless mixer and it is supported out of the box. I am willing to switch to djay pro but if they won’t support the rev 5 then it makes no sense getting rid of the rest

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I have just bought the REV5, because I did not find a decent second hand REV7, works great with Serato but I would love to use it with Djay Pro (since I’m paying for it anyway), the more I wait, the more I lose interest in paying a good software just to fool around instead of using it for the gigs. I think is the most wanted controller in these days but still no support! Where can I find a mapping done by anyone else? Thx

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i can send you my midi card but its not fully finished but workable! If you want you can leave me an email address so I can send it to you

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xicsux at gmail com
Thank you very much!