Pioneer DDJ Rev5 support

Can i have it too ? mine is about 80% done but i wonder how you mapped it.
If i can get it my email is :
Thank you !

hi , I want to test it too , thanks

Hi @Martial_Autist, please use the search tool before creating new topics as it helps to keep this community organized. I’ve merged your new topic with this existing one. Please use the blue vote button at the top left to show your interest in adding support for this hardware. Thanks!

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Please note that MIDI mapping files can be shared directly here. You do not need to share your personal email address with everyone in this community. You can also use the DM feature within this community.


Well @Slak_Jaw, is there any chance soon that the Algoriddim-techstaff will share official MIDI mapping files? Or better yet make the REV5 directly compatible with DJAY Pro?

We do not have any specific news to share just yet, but the team is working hard behind the scenes on some new hardware support. I’ll share more news when I can. Thanks!


Hi Guys,

New to Djay pro here. Would anyone be willing to share their REV5 mapping? I hear that this might be coming but I want to start trying out asap :blush:

i have a midi map for pioneer dj rev5 but its not fully finished!
DDJ-REV5.djayMidiMapping (115.3 KB)


Hey @flashdj165 , whats left out on your mapping that still needs to be mapped?

I was looking at buying one of these but just seen it’s not supported. Please Algoriddim?? :pray::pray::pray:

3-4 deck no work full, displey no work!

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But deck 1 & 2 everything works? All knobs and pads/buttons?

Display is ok with me if it dont work.

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Is this for iOS as well as Mac or PC?

Is there any update on when the REV5 will be supported? It’s been almost a year since I purchased the REV5, and I still can’t get it to work with djay Pro, even after installing the mapping posted by @flashdj165 recently.

Hi @SimpleSimon, we have no updates to share at this time. I will post here when I have any updates. Thanks!

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+100 for Rev 5 support, when will this happen.

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Thanks for the feedback @Junior_Pops. I’ll be sharing news as soon as I can.

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