Pioneer DDJ-SX2 MIDI Mapping

Does anyone have a MIDI mapping of the new DJ Controller (Pioneer DDJ-SX2)? Or would a MIDI mapping of the Pioneer DDJ-SX work? If so can you please send me the file(s).

If channel LEDS don’t light up, try adjusting the trim.
My problem is there’s no Master Level (control or LED :slight_smile:

Adjust your trim

Me too, please post whether anyone has made it work yet.

Guys, please let us know the status of this. Warren, where are you?

Can someone give us feedback on how this file is working for them? Thanks! I am mainly interested to see how the effects work.

Timoty C. Cowan, I really like your work. Now is time to get started getting those midi out signals to get the leds working. I would like to set up a repository on github with your file so that other people in the community can collaborate in making this as close to perfect as possible. Would you be interested in something like that?

Cool man. I will set it up.

Ok, the repo is here:…

If you just want to download the latest file, you can find it here:…

Thanks again Timothy C. Cowan. I will try to improve this on the weekend if I can get the equipment setup. I will post any changes. I

Can someone link me to the latest mapping?

You are the first person to respond so unfortunately I haven’t received a file. If any one of us gets a hold of a MIDI mapping file we can e-mail it to the other. Yes?

Yes Rudy, me too. Warren?…

The SX2 is now natively supported.

Choose the SX2, and configure the channels appropriately. You should read the manual.

It’s a great product. There are some features that I’d like added, sure. But, for the most part, we’re off to a great start.

cool now can you do the DDJ SZ

I made a MAP for my DDJ SX 2, but I can’t figure out how I can CUE music through the headphone jack. Took a while to figure out the JOG WHEELS. The problem is, you can’t STOP the TRACK completely. JOGWHEELS have a mind of their own. Furthermore, you can’t SPIN the track backwards on the JOGWHEEL either. Just super ishy! I rigged it so good, I was just giddy. I even asked ALGORIDDIM on TWITTER to natively support the DDJ SX controllers. It’s really not a PRIORITY for them. DJAY 2 has soooo much POTENTIAL. If SERATO get’s SPOTIFY & SOUND CLOUD INTEGRATION, consider DJAY dead.

I have been waiting for a response hopefully from Algoriddim for months now

Nice job Timothy! And thank you for sharing. how do we get this file into the program? I have Djay Pro for MAC.


Hmm… It shows as a txt file for me and just opens the text. Must be something I’m missing. i’ll keep searching or re download. Thanks again.