Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 - Works With Djay Pro 2?


Pioneer released the DJ DDJ-SB3.

I saw that the DJ DDJ-SB2 is in the list of the controllers from Pioneer for Djay Pro2 but what is with this controller?

Are you going to add this?

Thanks, bye

I have a SB2 and am seeing the same problem with djay pro 2’s crossfader. Supposedly the SB2 is supported by djay pro 2 so I hope the djay update fixes this.

Reading this thread has me thinking that:

  1. Buying a MIDI controller before it is officially supported by the software you want to use it with is risky (note that djay pro 2 does provide for custom MIDI mapping).

  2. Most, if not all, software companies do not publicize when they plan to release updates or if they do they don’t say what will be in them. There are good reasons for this.

It does seem reasonable to request support for the SB3 and Algoriddem support has said they are working on it so I think people should be patient.

As an aside, I recently tried Serato DJ Pro on my Mac and the UI had me thinking I was back in the '90s – Djay Pro 2 is much easier to use, at least for me.

My suggestion is to buy a MIDI controller that Serato DJ doesn’t support then whine about it on their support forum.

Better yet, complain to Pioneer about their lack of support for Djay Pro, am I right?
BTW, the official SB3 project webpage states: “DDJ-SB3 2-channel DJ controller for Serato DJ Lite”, am I wrong?…

Can’t wait for this update!

Hey Daniel? Can I get a share as well? Would be great if you made a google file or dropbox link!

I am also waiting for the mapping

Good work. Could you post the mapping so I can have look at the cross-fade issue. Yesterday I started also with the mapping, but for now only the jogwheels and the play buttons work :frowning:

Thanks for the great news.

Why is that file on facebook? I don’t use facebook especially since the latest sucurity breaches.

@Frederic VirtualDJ has Deezer and iDJPool streaming and works very good with the ddj-sb3

Where is the DDJ-SB3 mapping for djay pro for win10? Because after the update this morning there is still lacking support for the ddj-sb3.

No there is no pro 2 for win. But the pro for win supports the DDJ-SB2.

Just got my SB3 today please hurry up and issue update. Thanks.

Looks like the latest update for Djay Pro 2 on the Mac now supports the Pioneer DDJ-SB3. Enjoy.

The DDJ-SB3 is class compliant. Apparently some of its users are not.

I didn’t think there was even a djay pro 2 for windows at all. Would be surprised if there ever was if I’m being honest.

^^^Correct ^^^ djay pro 2 has quite a few features that djay pro does not. This is just one more of them is all. I am sure you could take the mapping for the SB3 from DP2 and import as is into DP with Mac and I am not sure this is the case with windows. The experience may fall short in this sense but in all fairness this is not exclusive to djay or even Algoriddim. Truth be told they have much more to lose from the Mac end then windows and this may contribute to the slower development times etc.

To save myself some reading had ANYONE here tried mapping the SB3 to windows (DP1 obviously) and if so had anyone had any success. To add to this where is djay pro at (function wise) with MIDI mapping overall with windows. IF anyone here has had success with mapping on the windows side at all this should be no issue. If you have a SB2 or SB the mapping should be very similar if not identical and to add to this any DDJ-S/DDJ-R (SX, SZ, SR etc) can work with very little modifying and renaming etc.

I am usually able to provide more hep but if I am being honest I don’t spend much time playing with windows regarding dj or music apps. I use windows for just about everything but when it comes to my business or craft I need the function, support and capabilities of Mac.

I’m more inclined to petition for Larry Lyons being removed. Matthew stated pretty much a known fact. Go look at the deleted comment report.