Pioneer xdj-rx3 midi support

Very interested in having an RX3 map… also has anyone tried expirting an rx2 map.and using that ?


Neeeed the XDJ RX3/Djay mapping in my life please :pray:t4:

Please add support for the rx3. it is a pity that there is no good midi file or update that supports the rx3

MIDI Map for Pioneer XDJ-RX3 with Apple iPad.

i created a midi map for myself.

my setup:

i play with usb-sticks (rekordbox) and an ipad with djay ai app for music-wishes (tidal streaming)

connected to the AUX-IN from the XDJ-RX3 - so i didn’t map the AUX-IN Buttons and also not the Master-Out-Gain.

If you have any questions, let me know.

Feel free to adjust the map for your own needs 🙂


Maybe it’s also working for the mac os Version of djay. i did not test it.


I’ve tried it on the Mac-version and it works fine. Leonardo, thank you for putting effort in making the midi mapping file available…

A simple response from the development team would be appreciated. A commonly used controller like the RX3 (introduced in nov '21) should be supported after 1,5 years.

Dev team; would you care to respond please?