Pioneer xdj-rx3 midi support

It would be really nice to Heard if a official mapping is in the works or if it is even possible? I want to use djay as my main sw of choice but in the meantime it’s just a fun toy and not usable in live situation with a crap selfmade mapping and not usable display… Please give Feedback if I can hope for a mapping or if I have to stay on rekordbox or serato for gigs

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Can you please let us know what the status is?

Hello everyone. The dev team is aware of user interest in adding support for this hardware. I have requested more information on the status, but have nothing to report at this time. I will let you know as soon as I have any news to report either way. Thanks!


Please guys help us to be able for keep using DJPRO, is a shame. 4 weeks and i can not use it.

Hi Aline have find way to use your RX3 with DJPRO?

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Guys come on please, help us to use DJPRO on XDJ XR3 please? any news or plan for it soon…

Could you at least post a update how tings are going? Would be great to get some kind of insight

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Will there ever be a mapping for the rx3? I doubt it… Take a Look at vdj! You loose So much semi and professinal djs… Algoriddim you have a very nice sw with good functions but all you give us is reloop and other toy mapping… Vdj has a pro mapping for nearly every controller with working displays so it cant be rocket science! You could grab so many sad traktor users if you do your homework… All the mods are doing is only let us hang loose and wait without a clear message. This is not only rx3 related but in General. There is so much Potential in this sw but you concentrate on gimmicks and Not your customers wishes, poorly

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Any news? Would be great to hear what the team is up too with Ned pioneer controllers.

Hi Leonardo, thank you so much for mapping. I have one question. When i use it thru aux and when i mix sound gets so loud between mixes. Is there any way to mix master out as well? Thank you for your help from

Hi, I’m going to release a new mapping soon because I’ve also switched to using the two line-in RCA inputs instead of going into the RX3 via the AUX input. So that I finally have a optical line level. Now I just have to make sure that the faders work properly. I’ll let you know as soon as this is done.

Of course, it would be great if Algoriddim could just release a native mapping that works 100%.
I’m waiting for that too.



i might be buying an RX3, but only if it works with Djay Pro
I saw your post about a midimapping for Ipad Djay and RX3
i could not download your mapping file (it asks for a code)
can you confirm your mapping works with DjayPro on iPad pro with RX3?
i just want to be sure before buying an RX3

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Hi, which type of code is it asking for download?

Hi, unfortunately I don’t know how I could fix this - I can’t reproduce the error at the moment either. do the others also have this problem? maybe you should work more with the gain/line faders?

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Hi everyone,

We’re happy to announce that in today’s v5.2 update for djay on Mac, iOS, and Windows, the RX3 is now supported.

For more information, please click the link below.

Happy mixing!

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Great to see this, but noticed that if you set a loop and try to store it on a hotcue pad it won’t store the loop, but a cue point.

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So the Rx3 is now supported with iOS ipad ?