Played tracks marked as played

I have a question about the marking of played titles. As soon as I play a track of just a few seconds, it is marked as played. Is it possible to extend the time or set it differently? Applies to iOS and Mac

Unfortunately, there is no setting in iOS or MacOS to change this unlike with say Traktor Pro. I recommend you make a post to in the Suggestions area so others can up vote it.

Hi @Anderl,

Thank you for your post!

As @Slak_Jaw mentioned, this setting is unavailable at the moment, but I also encourage you to post this idea in the “Suggestion” category so we may gauge interest in this topic through our community!

I came to the forum with the same question, I was so free to post it as suggestion now because I saw that Anderl didn’t post it there yet:

I think in the current implementation the played state is not really useful as it gets set immediately. Would be great if this could get improved and work such as in Traktor, CJDs, Rekordbox, etc…

I’m on iPad (using it as a 3rd deck next to CDJs when the venue just have 2 CDJs…)