Played tracks should marked as played only after x seconds of playing them

New to Djay for iPad , great fun so far :slight_smile:

But one thing should be improved, I noticed this on day one: When you load a track to a deck and just skip through quickly and play a few seconds to test it with the current track, it will get marked as played immediately… Which is rather counterintuitive. It should only get marked as played maybe after having played a total time of 20 seconds or so (or 1/10th of the track duration, something like that). On Pioneer CDJs, Traktor, Rekordbox it’s like that, would be nice to see it here because otherwise it’s not really functional.

While on this topic, i’m missing the option to reset the play state per track (could be placed in the preview popup), the and the preview player could display the waveform, would be handy.

( Picked up the thread Played tracks marked as played where Algoriddim Staff said it should be posted as suggestion )

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Agreed. At least 20-30 seconds should be played before the track is marked as played.

Totally agree.
A small but significant change in workflow style.

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your feedback regarding this feature request.

We’ve made sure to pass this along to our dev team for further review and will update this thread as new information comes in.

Thanks again!

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