playhead position, adjustable resonance, sync behaviour with instant doubles, loop visibility

First of all I’m very happy to see some momentum after months of very minor updates and I’m happy to say v4 didn’t cause any issues for me. Still there are some things, that would be very easy to implement with big impact, that I would like to point at.

  1. Playhead position in the middle. I understand this makes sense as default but please give the option to move it further to the left, I think 25% waveforms that are already played and 75% to see what’s coming would be an great option but customizable would be optimal of course. Suggestions exists for years with a lot of votes. For me its relevant in the 4 Deck view so please dont forget about that.

  2. Mappable filter resonance. I made a post about that before. This would be just so great to have that I feel the need to push it as it’s the only thing I really miss from club mixers.

  3. The behavior of having the same track playing on multiple decks with sync. As it is the two tracks will not only beatsync but will be locked in to play at the very same position. If that’s how people like and use it please give an option to disable that behavior so I can play the same track at another position without having to disable Sync.

One more minor thing is I feel like loops could be a bit more visible. The light blue can be hard to see especially in 4 deck mode with the panels open where the waveforms get pretty small. At that level I also hope that the 4 deck view will also get some love now that there’s a pro 2 deck view. I think the screen estate could be used a little bit better there.

Thanks and regards!


Some valid points there, especially point 3.

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There is already a thread that I started ages ago for playhead position adjustments. Cast your vote there as Algoriddim keeps an eye on these votes.


Upvote on point 3, way to many actions required to do a quick chase/strobe pattern with the same song

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All points agreed with but a VERY big :heavy_plus_sign::one: :arrow_up::ballot_box: for point 3!

Mentioned it numerous times before, I want the same song on two decks, in beat sync, but NOT being forced to the same track position….

Forever hopeful…



Probably best to create a separate topic for Item 3 so people can vote for it specifically. Having multiple suggestions in one topic doesn’t work with the current voting system.


I spend some time at these forums and I don’t feel like votes matter all that much. For me its about getting the important ideas out there, even if its repetitive, and then hoping the staff/developers care and think they’re worth implementing. So honestly I will continue throwing stuff together… And your thread already has my vote. (=


Hi @frgld,

Thanks for all these suggestions!

Regarding #3, Could you please share a video with us going into greater detail about what you are after? Additionally, please make sure to include your djay settings as well!

We very much appreciate your feedback but please keep suggestions in separate threads so that we can track them better and the community can vote on them as well.

Looking forward to hearing back from you. Have a nice day!

The behavior described is easily reproducible, probably no video necessary:

  1. load any track on deck 1
  2. start playback of song on deck 1
  3. on deck 2, use the „Double“ functionality —> deck 2 starts off in the same position, so far so good
  4. jump to another position in the track on deck 2
  5. hit „sync“ on deck 2 —> the track will not stay in position but rather go back to the behavior of 3. again, where it has the same playback position

We don’t want 5. to be the way it is. We want „sync“ to just lock to the nearest beat, like it is when two different tracks are playing.


Exactly, thanks… Also I want to mention it’s the same if the track is loaded manually. It’s not only when the track is loaded as instant double.

Hello everyone. I’m happy to report that this has been addressed in the recent djay Pro 5 release. Thanks for your patience!

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It’s true. Syncing behavior changed and the same track can be played at different positions with sync on. Also the loop visibility has improved. Happy to see those changes included now. :slightly_smiling_face:

I know there are different threads for that but I’d like to gently remember about the other stuff. I consider both of them very low hanging fruit - easy to implement and very useful. Especially the adjustable playhead position is the one im eagerly waiting for. If you guys could push that topic. That would be great.

Thanks for the feedback @frgld. I have pushed the play head position internally.


Wow L just noticed that too!

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