Playlists on Android - Format ?

Guys, Looking through results for playlists on Android there is, and has been for about 6 years, an issue with playlists on Android.
Its seems like nothing has been undertaken on this at all.
So, What file format and structure will the software read as a playlist ? Or, is the program incapable of reading any format to load as a playlist ?

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djay for Android currently reads playlists that have been made through the streaming sources that you are trying to play back tracks from.

If you want djay to read playlists full of Tidal tracks then the playlist must be made in Tidal first which will then sync with djay for Android.

Same thing goes for locally stored songs in which playlists containing those tracks must be made on your devices internal music player app.

Was the information above helpful or could I be of better assistance?

The internal music player app that came with my device was google play, now withdrawn . so sorry the above is of no use. I started to use VLC, and have playlists in that program, Can I import them ?

Hi @Olestokie,

In this thread, we discussed some workarounds:

We kindly ask for your patience while we work on improving the library management capabilities in djay for Android. Thanks for your understanding.

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I’ve had a look at youtube music, and the requirements to use local tracks and I wonder if you have actually tried this. I’ve not having actually done this - for reasons which will become apparent !.
I have a local music collection of Ballroom / Latin / Sequence dance tracks, in mp3 format, that amounts to 16.6 Gb. Yes G. You now expect me to ‘upload’ this collection, which i can then download to play locally ( I need an offline capability as some locations I host at have limited or no 4G ). So i now have to store this music twice. Do you honestly think this an acceptable practice just to be able to create a ( I need about 20 lists of about 60 tracks and 20 of about 120 ) playlist ?
BTW, my main music collection is over 120G,

Hi @Olestokie,

Playlists made using VLC for Android are a bit trickier for djay to retrieve as compared to playlists made using YouTube Music due to the fact that VLC audio playlists are store in VLC’s vlc_media.db file.

This is an app specific file that only VLC is meant to read and not djay.

Playlists made using YouTube Music on the other hand are written and read as .m3u files which can easily be searched for in your devices YT Music app, VLC and most importantly right from the Files Browser app on your device so that you can share that playlist data between numerous devices/apps.

Since your music library is as large as it is have you considered taking another look at YT Music for Android as your primary means of playlist curation in which you can play back your locally stored tracks without worrying about custom playlist databases, cell/wifi signal dropouts at shows, etc?

Additionally, the type of feedback you’ve provided to us really helps the dev team out in more ways than you know so that djay can continue to grow whilst creating the best user experience possible.

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