Please add a monitoring option to the looper !!


The looper is such a killer feature, it really lets you remix classics on the fly and adds another dimension to mixing music.

One big issue though!! you don’t have the ability to monitor the looper in your headphones!!!

It’s currently hard to tell if your preselected mix of loops will clash with the current track playing. You just have to guess and hope the best right now :expressionless:.

If we could monitor looping, oh man, it would take live mixing to the next level.

Please add this as a feature so we can midi map it! (I already have the looper volume fader mapped, I just need a looper montior mapping option :pray:)

Orrr another idea: allow the option to make deck 3 or 4 a looper deck!



@Edgar_Zevallos There is already a thread for this suggestion. You can head over there and cast your vote for this feature request:


I map it to deck 3 of my XDJ which has pfl, also use. Midi Fighter Twister which is great midi control and can control individual levels.

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Nice! I also use a Midi Fighter Twister for Looper and Neural Mix control.