Please Allow Spotify OFFLINE

Thanks for Spotify Integration, BUT

Please let us play our offline tracks, for those of us without internet connection.
Let us play the songs in our Playlists that we have downloaded from Spotify

I do understand you have to check to see if we are active subscribers to allow us to play our tracks, but maybe just have your app require you go online just once a week let’s say,
After 1 week your app would not allow Spotify without internet,

The way it is now, i can’t play my tracks on my Wifi Only ipad when in the car, or in places without wifi :frowning:

I know other 3rd party Spotify apps that work (Android) with offline tracks. The caveat is that the tracks are downloaded as though they are another installation of Spotify. Ie. Even if you haveoffline tracks in your Spotify installation you would have to have them separately offline in the third party app, meaning it would take up twice the amount of memory. Personally I don’t mind if it would work like this because offline would just be great anyway.

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Offline Spotify Playing.

Would it be possible to play offline tracks in Spotify? It’s not always easy to have an internet connection everywhere I DJ.

Lee, Jeremy, all…

Yes, it would be neat if djay could access the Spotify tracks already downloaded. However - iOS 7 is built on a security model that DOES NOT allow private storage areas to be shared. Two apps cannot access the same data in their “sandboxing” model. At WWDC, there were announcements that might solve this. In the future. On iOS 8 and up.

The issue is NOT with Algoriddm OR Spotify - it’s a limitation of Apple’s iOS. The only theoretical workaround would be if Spotify would allow djay to store a separate copy of the tracks - but that would not be very efficient on bandwidth or storage.

So - look up in the thread, there is a post pointing to iOS 8 “Extensibility”. When that ships, along with updates to Spotify and djay - then we might get this use case working.

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spotify only online?.

i’ve donloaded tons of music onto the ipad…and now i cant play it??

shit…i realy thought we have a solution ;(

but where i am realy pissed of: especialy for this feature i bought a new ipad, weego2 and vjay…and still there is no hint on the vjay web site, that spotify is not playing offline!

maybe a solution: recording everything via wondershare and copy everything to itunes?


if this sanboxing “feature” is just because og ios7…what about a beta of ios8? does it already solve the problem?



4 month ago…we already have ios8…so the reason which algoriddim is using is gone…but still no reaction ;(

and still there is no hint on the website, that spotify is onle working online…not offline…for me some kind of beguilement.



and i would say:

they are still playing with us and all people who think to buy djay because of spotify…
on the web site you can find: Spotify access in djay requires a Spotify Premium account.
but you can not find, that you need a internet connection to play files…even if you have downloaded them ;(



so sad, that for example Reloop with the BeatPad informs that offline use is possible, but actually it is not. I think this will actually create a lot of business for algoriddim if both Mac version adds Spotify use, and the adding of offline playlist use in there. It will be a breaktrough! Looking forward. Till then, I will not pay for the Mac and iPad app

A reasonable hypothesis for Djay failing to support spotify offline, is that is due to a mixture of some contractual/licensing issue, and technical issues. And to avoid flinging dirt on their partner (Spotify) - they explain it as a technical issue. Because, well it becomes a technical issue, if the license doesn’t allow you to download and store tracks. Algoriddim would then have to use those tracks stored by the Spotify app, which sandboxing does not permit.

So the EJay app is probably, and simply, allowed to store downloaded content. And that is all that is needed.

yes I really need this feature too - or else the integration is completely useless to me. Please!


I’m also quite disappointed that the offline functionality of spotify is not supported. Even if there is wifi connection available, it ist not always stable enough to rely on!

Please add this functionality the coming weeks!

So… I ditched spotify when I realized how much I could do with djay and itunes… spotify without djay didn’t interest me… I was so excited about spotify coming to djay that I immediately renewed my premium spotify account… but without offline support (which I pay spotify for)… it’s back to itunes I go.

Never stopped using djay, but keep bouncing between the library providers!



Now this is on Windows - will you be able to bring in offline playlists for this version/?

The Spotify connection was the reason I bought Djay2 in the first place and I assumed offline playlists would work. Please fix this! I need to use this even when there is no or at least no stable wifi connection.


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Is there a way DJay 2 can import Spotify tunes that are already downloaded to an iPad locally when there’s no wifi?.

For situations I’m without wifi, I downloaded some Spotify playlists to my iPad mini retina locally. I also want to use those downloaded tracks in DJay 2 when there’s no wifi. But is seems DJay 2 for iPad refuses to open Spotify when there’s no wifi. So even downloaded Spotify tracks won’t play… Or is there a way around this?

Thanks for that, bachya, it would appear that Algoriddim endorse your explanation. However, I do think they should make it clearer that a *permanent* internet connection is required, and should use more explicit wording such as “Offline mode is NOT supported.”

Also, it would be good to hear more from them here. I have seen only very brief comments and it shouldn’t take a user such as bachya to have to explain what’s going on. Additionally, some sort of real update about what they are doing to try to solve the issue would be appreciated; maybe to tell us that they have actually communicated with Spotify, and to give us their response and any timeframe for a possible workaround or solution.