Powering iPad Air (5th gen) through DDJ FLX4

HI, I have an iPad Air 5th generation and a DDJ FLX4, but the power supplied by the DDJ FLX4 does not charge the iPad. I have tried the following cables to connect the iPad to the FLX4.

  1. Apple original USB C to USB C cable (white).
  2. The black USB C to USB C cable that came with the FLX4.

The cable I used to power the FLX4 is a TORRAS 6A 100W USB A to USB C gold-plated cable.

I’ve read in past posts that the power supplied to the FLX4 is higher than most Apple devices can handle, so I may need to change the cable that connects the FLX4 to the iPad. Does this mean I need to buy an Apple-specific cable or another cable instead of the USB C to USB C cable that came with the FLX4?

I used to use the FLX4 and iPad mini lightning port with an Apple camera adapter, and the power supplied by the FLX4 was enough to charge the iPad mini without any problems.

Thanks in advance.

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I think you will need to do this.

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My guess - the cable is the problem.

  1. Make sure everything is USB-C; both the charger and cables.
  2. Make sure all items support 5 volts / 3 amps. It’s a low bar to hit, but it is possible to buy USB-C cables that don’t do that.


  • The USB A connector does not support the 3.0 amps required by the FLX4. At most the USB A connector will give you 2.4 amps (and probably a lot less).
  • I have a feeling your cable was designed to share a high-powered USB-C charger, but only deliver the lower power needed by USB-A type devices.


  1. Please note that the 2 USB-C sockets on the back of the FLX4 are not interchangeable. One is for data and one is for power.
  2. I recommend you connect the black USB-C to C cable that came with the FLX to the socket marked with the computer/tablet icons and connect direct to your iPad.
  3. Then connect your original iPad charger and iPad cable to the charging USB-C socket of the FLX4.

Thanks a lot! As soon as I replaced the USB A to USB C power cable with USB C to USB C(for FLX4 power supply), my iPad started to get charged by FLX4 power!!! Again, thank you very much for your help!! Cheers!!!


Great to hear @kangsta. Thanks for the solution @Michael_Wisniewski. Very appreciated as always!


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