Pre-Cueing for Bluetooth Headphone

The current version do not support bluetooth headphone for Pre-cueing, please include this feature for the upcoming version in order for the compatibility for bluetooth headphone.

so without using the Griffin DJ cable I can hear both the speaker mix and the song I’m cueing provided you have a bluetooth headphone!! Definitely will benefiting lots of DJs and VJs out there!

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in iOS5 this isn’t possible, the audio going to the bluetooth headset is always the same as going to the headphone jack.

Unfortunately this is not possible on iOS (or on the Mac), since wireless audio output (e.g. Bluetooth or AirPlay) cannot be combined with the built-in wired output or speaker.

iOS 7 does not provide any way to combine wireless audio output (e.g. Bluetooth or AirPlay) with the built-in wired output or speaker.

iOS6 is here… looks possible for now to implement this feature!

Does it support on iOS7, dear support please update the status. Thanks

I don’t think this will happen. Bluetooth has some Latency. It is impossible to have a nice responding bluetooth pre cueing because you’ll always have this latency.

Wouldn’t there be a lot of lag ?

if only bluetooth could support 2 devices at the same time - you could use bluetooth headphones to monitor on left channel and broadcast right channel to another bluetooth device attached to your mixer allowing you to be mobile

I have tested the dual bluetooth transmitter option - you plug it into your iPad headphone out and then pair it with headphones and another receiver.

Its a bit of a nightmare - the 2 bluetooth audio feeds are not in sync and the audio itself seems to downgrade to allow for 2 individual feeds (or at least the unit i was using did that)

Its best to plugin a usb adaptor (and use usb headphones) - then use the bluetooth (sender) out of your headphone out (on the iPad)

this won’t solve the sync problem - but its the best average solution you can get and still be mobile with your iPad (and headphones for pre cue etc)

is this supported with IOS7 does anyone know?

Eso genera latencia

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pre-cueing via bluetooth??.

It would be very useful to be able to split up the audio via at one site the jackplug and the pre cueing via bluetooth ore visa versa…
it that possible??

iOS 8 is coming!

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Create 2 audio outputs.

Developers could create for App for Iphone and Ipad 2 outputs independents: 1 - with bluetooth (main) and one for pre-listening (headphone output) or vice versa. This can come in this new version that you are preparing.


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Has anyone tried using 2 Bluetooth transmitters plugged into the dj splitter cable? Have one transmitter paired with headphones for cueing and the other paired with the Bluetooth speaker? Perhaps a little long winded and require buying some hardware but would get the result we are after? :slight_smile:

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I’m a little unclear based upon the documentation I’ve seen, will I be able to run my output through a bluetooth speaker, while running the pre-cueing feed through the headphone jack?

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please note that this thread is outdated. Can you tell us in detail what issue you are facing and which software you are using?

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anything new here on this issue?