Pre Cueing Issue Using Beatpad 2 With Android Phone

I’m currently asking for help from Algoriddim directly, in regards to being unable to use pre cueing, when controlling djay via my Beatpad 2.

All other features and functions work accept for pre cue.

I’ve tested the Beatpad 2 with an iPhone and Laptop (neither belong to me), with the outcome being that everything including pre cue works.

This is really annoying, as the main reason I bought the Beatpad 2, was to use it with my Android device.

I won’t even go into the ridiculous issue of the Android cable supplied with the Beatpad 2 being about a decade too old. When was the last time you saw a modern Android phone that wasn’t usb-c?

I’d like to know if anyone else has experienced this same software issue?

I’d also like to know about any other similar Android/Beatpad 2 issues.

I’m hoping that Algoriddim will come up with a software fix.

Android Phone = OnePlus 5t, Android version 10, OS 10.0.1

Djay version = 3.0.4


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