pre-cueing on idj pro

hi, i just wanna ask if idj pro supports stereo output on master and headphones on the unit itself without workaround like using the headphone jack on the ipad?

Hi Mark,

Not yet, we are working on it. :slight_smile:

Update: iDJ Pro now supports multi-channel output on iOS 6 with djay for iPad 1.6.3.

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I just answered the thread you created for this issue. Please post your future comments regarding this problem there.

You can find it in your iPad under
Settings -> General -> About -> iDJ Pro

Say what? I dont see anything regarding iDJ Pro anywhere.

May I please have a link to said video? Thanks


William just wanna know ur reason for returning it

Thanks bro. Now i have to think twice before purchasing this unit.

I don’t understand why my IDJPro firmware can’t be updating !
I’ve got an ipad 3 whith new ios6 new djay app1.6.3… and still mono when i click everytime on update :frowning:

Hi Warren,

Any, any news yet??? We are all desperately waiting and want the IDJ Pro to be a succes instead of a Pro Failure.

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No offense: why is it so difficult to have this fixed? Is it a problem on Numark’s side, Algoriddim’s side or Apple’s side?? What is it about timeframes to get this fixed etc?

Be clear in your communication about this whole thing why it takes so long!
I don’t understand why such an important feature is treated the way it is now. For so many people this issue is the argument to buy the iDJ Pro or not.

As a first buyer I must say that I am pretty disappointed about this whole issue. Although the iDJ Pro is basically a fantastic interface, this whole stereo output issue diminishes the Pro almost into a useless toy. I will be your biggest ambassador if you get it fixed so: Get your work done Numark, and quick!!! Please:)

I’ve got about 3 weeks left that I can return mine back to the store. Is there any way we will know anything within that timeline?

Well, mostly because there are some things missing (full stereo playback & sampler) that were advertised in the product video and on the website. Another thing that concerns me is that after seeing what ended up happening with the iDJ Live, I’m not interested in having to “wait and see” if features will eventually come to this unit. I started my DJ thing in 1993 and I’ve learned over the years that you buy gear for what it CAN do, not for what it might eventually be able to do.

I know that since Apple just changed the iPad over to the 4th gen with the lighting port, Numark will likely be working on compatibility with that model, including the existing ones. That means to me that an update might be even further away now and if Apple does another IOS update, there’s no guarantee that there will be functionality.

I hope I don’t sound angry because I’m glad to see Numark putting out quality gear like they did back in the day when I started DJ’ing. I have a set of V7’s and I really like them but in the short time I’ve had to play around with the iDJ Pro, I’m a little worried that the future of this unit is based on how well Apple and Numark play together. I read somewhere that Numark worked very close with Apple in the area of developing some of the audio trickery with their IOS devices. If that’s true, then I’m confused as to how the iDJ Pro doesn’t have the audio problem worked out.

Again, sorry if I sound bitter because I’m not. I just think that without knowing if/when this will be resolved, I should just play it safe and return it for now.

I would suggest keeping an eye on the forum and the DJ sites. I’m sure the word will get out fast because so many people are waiting on it. I think everyone wants to see this unit do well because of the combination of Numark design and the ipad. Stanton had a winner on their hands with the all-in-one concept of the SCS.4DJ but it has problems too due to slow performance and “yes and no” compatibility with external devices (tablets, phones, mp3 players, etc…). In other words, it wasn’t able to perform many of the key features very well, if at all.

I’m hoping that they can address the audio issue at a minimum because that’s the biggest gripe I have with the unit overall. I could wait on the sampler if they could assure that it would eventually be released in the near future.

Well, I haven’t had any of the connection problems so I’m not sure what’s going on with that. I do agree that it’s IOS 6 that’s the cause of the delay with the updates but if this is gonna happen again each time an update is issued, then my concern is that the iDJ Pro my get the “iDJ Live treatment”. We’ve got this storm going on in my area right now so I’ve been sitting at home watching the news and messing around with the iDJ Pro. I’ll probably wait until Friday before I return it if I haven’t seen any new information on the development of this problem. I had to restart the unit once because the platter stopped responding but I haven’t had it happen again so I’m not too worried about that. The buttons are nice and responsive but I’m a little concerned how well the graphics will hold up over time. The knobs on the front of the unit are a little “stubby” for my taste and I wish they had a way to pull the knobs out or at least used knobs that were removable so you could put something a little better on there. I swapped out the knobs and fader with the ones from DJTT and it looks and feels a lot better. There’s no way to put them on the front of the unit though because of the way that the knobs are all recessed into the unit.

I just saw the overview of the new Spin 2 from Vestax and it seems to have the same problem so it almost confirms that the problem is in IOS 6. It also falls on the DJay app because it works within IOS 6 and handles the audio within the app.

On a side note, I have a 1st gen iPad and it doesn’t have IOS 6 installed on it and the iDJ Live didn’t work with it either so I don’t think it’s just Apple’s software that’s to blame. I think Algoriddim might need more beta testers or something…

Just my 2 cents.

I was wondering about something yesterday regarding the iDJ Pro because I said I would return it to the store today if I hadn’t heard anything back on this subject by now.

In the product video on Numark’s site, they demonstrated a few features that I’m concerned about because the final product doesn’t have them yet. The playlist view that was shown in the video, the sample bank, then of course full stereo cue/monitoring.

I started thinking to myself that the a couple of these features have to be coming because the one in the video was able to do it. That makes sense to me but the one feature that couldn’t truly be demonstrated (full stereo) might not have ever been achieved on the unit so it may never be added. That’s going to be the biggest deal breaker for me on this unit so I may still follow through on returning it.

It’s a little bit of a bummer because a lot of people have been asking me about this unit and have shown interest in picking one up. It’s frustrating because out of all the things that I’ve been able to list that it CAN do, it has been the stereo feature that’s made a lot of people hesitate on getting this unit. You could theoretically achieve the same performance with the Griffin adapter cable and save yourself $500. The problem then becomes the frustration of being limited to using the iPad’s touchscreen controls which is the main reason that I sought out a hardware option. It’s also the only reason I bought the DJay app for my devices.

I really hope to hear something back from one of these companies REALLY soon.

Well, in another discussion someone said that they spoke with Numark. The member said that Numark has began shipping updated models with the necessary firmware to allow full stereo capability. They are also supposedly working on getting a firmware update out to existing customers through the app store.

I would suggest contacting Numark to verify this and hopefully they make something happen soon.

Any news on the latest update? Stereo mode working yet?

Like another member on here, I called Numark and they basically told me that they are still working on it and that it will becoming out in a future update. I told them that I would just simply return it since I had recently purchased it and they started telling me that I couldn’t because I would need an RA number and that they didn’t consider the unit defective because it’s something that they are planning to fix. I asked them if they could give me some type of guarantee that there will be a software fix coming, or some type of timeline of when it will be solved, they couldn’t. I told them that I bought it locally so I was gonna return it to keep from getting stuck with a paperweight.

One week later, I got excited because an update came out that claimed to address multi-audio routing issues but it didn’t seem to resolve anything. Biggest change was the sampler which worked pretty good. Yesterday another one came out and didn’t really add anything but mostly addressed minor bugs. I’m glad I took mine back…