Previously playable tracks are now grayed out

I’ve just now encountered an issue on the iPhone app where some songs had disappeared from my downloads, which itself has nothing to do with djay, however upon redownloading the tracks, some of them are grayed out in djay. Switching off lossless in my phone’s settings seemed to fix some of the affected songs, but others are still not working. I tried redownloading them manually to no avail. The strangest part is that this is also affecting tracks that I have used before in the app. They are NOT from Apple Music or any other streaming service, nor are they legacy purchases with DRM. I cannot for the life of me find any similarities between the affected tracks.
Here’s hoping it’s one of those problems that sorts itself out before morning.

@SirMatthew there are several existing threads covering similar issues. Have you tried searching and reading through any of them to see if there’s a solution?

@SirMatthew this might also be helpful.

@SirMatthew I’m just following up to see if you’re still having this issue or if those suggestions solved it. Thanks.

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